Dare we say Ajinca is catching on?

(Ed: From the FanPosts.)

Is it natural maturation? A firm kick in the buttocks from Larry Brown? A little of both?

Through the three preseason games Alexis Ajinca is averaging 11 ppg, 6 reb and 2 blk in 16 and one third minutes. Even though he is playing with the second line he's not matching up against slouches by any mean (Ilgauskas twice and Darius Songaila)

The Ajinca pick confused almost the entire league when it occured. Rumored that the trade with Denver was completed before the pick arrived and that the original target was Roy Hibbert. Ajinca represented raw, unpolished, lanky talent, a European player who could take  years to develop which went against the needs of the Bobcats to bring in NBA ready talent to get wins.

But, here we sit in October heading into Ajinca's sophomore season and he seems to be showing a lot more promise than I ever expected. Yes, he's committed more fouls than are acceptable... but he seems to be getting it. Saturday night's performance against Cleveland was inspired; 15 points, 7 rebounds, most importantly only 3 fouls in 19 minutes.


Provided the maturation continues... and it's a BIG if... what does everyone think about this potential lineup?

PG: Felton/Augustin

SG: Wallace/Bell/Murray/Henderson

SF: Diaw/Radmanovich/Brown

PF: Chandler/Diop

C: Ajinca/Mohammad

Moving Diaw back to his more natural 3 would give us one of the biggest, most athletic front court in the East. Perhaps the most althletic lineup in the East too. If we plan to be a running team this lineup could really be beneficial.

(Ed again: Brett at QCH has shown pretty conclusively that Diaw is best used at the four, and Gerald Wallace is, emphatically, not a guard. A more logical approach might actually be to see if, offensively, Ajinca plays more like a small forward while guarding a big. Our team's forwards don't really conform to the Point-Swing-Big spectrum very well, so why start forcing it now?)

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