I'm not trying to be funny here.

I swear I'm truly confused.

I went to nursing school and was married to a critical care nurse for 19 years.

I am now very happily married to a woman that manages The Wound Center of Forsyth County.

Because of my back injuries I've had physical therapy and been seen by multiple orthopedic specialists, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, and so forth, including a nationally recognized team of experts at the Spine Center of Charlotte.

Before becoming disabled I worked as a purchasing agent for Novant Health - the company that owns Presbyterian Hospital, Presbyterian Orthopedic Hospital, Matthews Hospital, and 9 others as well as over 500 clinics and medical offices. In my work capacity I also purchased the medical supplies and equipment used at the Time Warner Arena and supplied all the equipment in their Critical Transport Ambulance network.

So there are my credentials. In other words, I know a thing or two more about medicine than the average guy.


According to the official reports, Tyson Chandler's xrays came back negative but today he was diagnosed with a "stress reaction" to his foot. Now I've been stressed. I've also reacted. But what the hell exactly is a stress reaction to the foot? Oh, and why does it take at least a week to heal? Neither I nor anyone I know of affiliated with medicine has ever heard of this. There is nothing at WebMD. It mentions stress FRACTURES, which I'm quite familiar with and take a hell of a lot longer than a week to heal. It also mentions the usual stress-related symptoms such as shortness of breath, flight or flight reaction, tachycardia and so forth. But there is nary a word about a freaked out foot. Are any of you in sports medicine or familiar in some other way with this injury? What the $*%#@ exactly is going on with this thing? I'll happily stand corrected if I'm wrong but it sounds to me like a nasty case of CSS.

CSS is the clinical term for Center Stage Syndrome. It's an overwhelming need to be noticed at all costs and be the center of attention whether for positive or negative reasons. It's a tragic condition that's chronic and has been written of at length in a large number of medical journals and case histories that I'll be glad to make up off the top of my head if y'all have the need.

No really, is this "stress reaction to the foot" a legitimate conditioin?

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