Thoughts on Derrick Brown from a Xavier alum


Hey guys, my name is Zak Woods and I blog for SBN at

I am an alum of Xavier University and have watched D-Brown for three years. So I figured I would help inform the Bobcat fans, and Michael Jordan, about Brown (you all know Jordan was playing golf during the 2nd round). 

There is no doubt that Derrick Brown has the athletic tools to play in the NBA. Besides being left handed and 6'8" 227lbs. with the added bonuses of being able to leap small buildings in a single bound. He can rebound, block, play high energy defense --instilled by Sean Miller and hopefully honed by Larry Brown-- and can make any alley-oop that his PG dishes to him. There is potential that he could be the small forward equivalent of Tyson Chandler (not injured of course).  Brown will also be able to match-up defensively against  those monkey wrench type players, think Rashard Lewis

Brown is also smart and has demonstrated some serious leadership qualities. Bobcat fans should feel proud that Brown is leaving Xavier with a degree and developed into a leader on a team that went to the Elite Eight in 2008 and the Sweet Sixteen in 2009.  Derrick has also shown great propensity to listen and learn from his coaches. With the Bobcats being coached by Larry Brown there is great potential for Brown to have an upwards trajectory. 

Now time for some negatives. 

Brown has developed a much better outside game in the past two years but that doesn't mean he can hit the eighteen foot jump shot like another NBA Xavier alum, Daivd West. An optimist would say that this means he will continue developing a solid peremiter game. A pessimist will think that he will be unable to make an offensive impact and will quickly run out of time to develop a NBA-caliber jumper. In this debate Brown's status as a red shirt junior is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that he is battle-tested and has shown the introspective qualities to know that he needs to improve his skill sets. A curse, since he will only have limited time to develop necessary skills to remain in the NBA.

Dribbling and passing are also not exactly his fortays too. 

Don't even think about posting up Brown. He needs to be a runner, perhaps swing player, who can hit that open shot 3-5 times a game. 

The final draw back is that Derrick Brown might not have the killer instinct required to play in the NBA (this is an elusive quality but an absolute prerequisite for a player who will not be the most skilled). Xavier has been notorious in recent years for having great offensive balance, which is a wonderful asset in the college game, but not a great thing for developing future NBA players. For Brown's size and athleticism he needed to be able to take over games in the last five minutes, something that he rarely did. Part of this was the offense Xavier ran. The other part was Brown's inability to create his own shot, another drawback. 

While there are flaws in Brown's game each year he worked on those flaws and became a more well rounded player. Xavier fans for some time have known that he was the only player on our team that had the potential to play in the NBA as a high energy 4, for when a team wants to go small and run, or as a big three. The big drawback for Brown playing the three is that he will need to have a solid perimeter game, which doesn't quite exist yet. 

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