Bobcats Sign Flip Murray -- Uh, What?

Now I'm just confused. The Bobcats have apparently signed Ronald Murray (FanShot, Bonnell), which is cool and, in a certain light, vaguely mind-blowing.


1 -- The organization is losing cash at a horrific rate.

2 -- They already have $15 million committed this season to 4 guards, 2 PG and 2 SG, two of which are, ostensibly, the back court of the future and should get meaningful minutes this year if we're to confirm they can play.

3 -- Larry Brown does realize this is Flip Murray, right?

4 -- We went through all this sturm und drang over Raymond Felton's contract only to see the team make an otherwise sane move like signing Murray to less than $2 million for one year? The same Murray who's a slightly better scorer than Felton, in both volume and efficiency? The same guy who turns it over at about the same rate? Felton's a better choice to be a full time PG, but for the backup PG who'll play some minutes at SG? I'd take Murray in a heartbeat, especially at their respective prices. But signing both of them is just... odd.

Seriously, what is going through the front office's head here? They traded Emeka Okafor to save long term money, regardless of any bluster you'll hear about "getting better now". Yet, they continue to make crazy decisions about taking on money in the short term: Tyson Chandler. Felton. Murray.

Flip makes them better, because he's replacing Dontell Jefferson... the third PG. Let that sink in. This team, that's losing money and made a stink about how the Charlotte business community isn't doing enough to help them out, is spending nearly $17 million on five guards, and roughly $6 million of that was totally unnecessary. Let's say they let Felton go without a QO, they didn't bother with Murray, and they signed Kevin Ollie (or his equivalent, since OKC has him for less than $1 million guaranteed) to be the backup PG with Jefferson as the third.

We wouldn't be as well off on the floor as we were before, but Augustin and Henderson would get unimpeded minutes. Jefferson would get a chance to stick in the NBA at a minimum contract. And, just as important, that $35 million dollars the team is set to lose over two years? Suddenly, it's $29 million. The team's medium and longer-term goals would have been better served had they not signed Felton or Murray. But if you think getting the 7 or 8 seed and the right to be crushed by Cleveland is the only goal worth chasing, then I guess throwing money after money at the bench and guys who should  be combining for 20 minutes a night is the solution.

Show me that making the playoffs alone, which is emphatically not an indication of imminent further success, brings the team out of its financial black hole, and I'll change my tune.

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