Is it too late to get Chris Paul?

I've been reading all of the various trade rumors involving Melo, and lately more have surfaced about CP3's increasing likelihood to be headed out of New Orleans.  It would be great if the Bobcats could somehow manage to capitalize on these situations and fill the holes (and/or question marks) on their current roster.


I've come up with some trade scenarios that i believe might not be completely unrealistic, and could benefit both the Bobcats and the other parties involved.  Rosterbation after jump....

Scenario# 1

According to my source (which is Ourday), the Bobcats front office remains actively involved in facilitating a trade for Denver to deal Anthony to NJ.  This 4 team trade would net the Cats Meka and CP3, while also sending Melo to NJ.

CHA gets: Okafor & Paul

NJ gets: Anthony & DJ Augustin

Denver gets: Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy and draft picks

NO gets: Devin Harris, Diaw, Nazr & Najera

Why do the teams do it? Denver doesn't want to lose Melo, ala Cleveland and LeBron, so a young prospect Favors, some draft picks, and a large expiring contract sure beats nothing. NO knows Paul is unhappy and is willing to deal CP3 if for no other reason than to shed OKafor's contract, and in return gets an expiring contract center to replace Meka for the year, Devin Harris to replace Paul, and Diaw and Najera to boot. NJ gets Melo and a cheaper PG to replace Harris.

Scenario #2

This one is basically just a redux of scenario 1. 

CHA gets: Okafor & Paul

NO gets: Nazr, Diaw, DJ & Najera

Why the teams do it? Same as above.

Scenario# 3

This trade involves the same 4 teams, but is even more of a blockbuster involving more big name players and has all kinds of talent getting shipped around.

CHA gets: Paul, Okafor & JR Smith

NJ gets: Anthony & Chris Anderson

NO gets: Nazr, Diaw, Najera & Chauncey Billups

Denver gets: Favors, Murphy, Peja Stojakovich, Kris Humphries, DJ Augustin, Hendo & Matt Carroll.

Why the teams do it? NJ gets Melo and Birdman, two exciting players.  NO gets out form under Okafors and Peja's contracts and nets Billups, Nazr's expiring plus Boris And Najera.  Denver gets big time expiring contracts (Murphy, Peja & Humprhies) & young talent (Favors, DJ, & Henderson), but they have to take Carroll from us and part with their 2 best players and 2 other significant role players.  The Bobcats net 1 all-star homegrown PG, the franchise's prodigal son and first draft pick,  and yet another NBA problem child with tons of unrealized potential.


All of these trades accomplish the same thing for the Bobcats:  Definitive answers at the 1 and 5 positions, that in my opinion, would make the Bobcats a serious threat.  Thoughts?

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