Bobcats mauled by Celtics, 93-62

The Charlotte Bobcats laid an epic stink bomb at the offensive end of the floor tonight, losing to the Boston Celtics, 93-62. They shot only 34% from the field and failed to score more than 16 points in any one quarter.

While the Celtics are a very good team, even without Shaquille O`Neal, Jermaine O`Neal, or Kendrick Perkins, this kind of offensive production from the Cats represents the floor performance of an exceptionally poor offensive squad against the league's best defense.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and highlights after the jump.


Newsinz -- Keep those with the potential to explode on offense planted firmly on the bench. Play the guys with a ceiling so low that their head has already crashed through the roof. Rinse, lather, repeat.


-- D.J. Augustin shot 0-8 from the field. His defense was better than usual -- I'd even go so far as to say he did an admirable job on Rajon Rondo -- but that many misses totally destroyed what other good he did contribute.

-- Gerald Wallace was 2-15 from the field. Yikes.

-- To pound the point home, "stink bomb" means shooting 24-71 from the field (34%), 1-11 from three (9%), and 13-23 from the free throw line (57%).

-- Reasonable people can disagree about playing Dominic McGuire instead of Derrick Brown. It's easy to imagine that McGuire's defense more than makes up for his horrible offense, and makes him a more productive player than UPS. However, there is absolutely no reason to play Eduardo Najera ahead of Brown. That's just being aggressively anti-youth and anti-reason. Najera's career line is worse than what Brown's done in his brief career, and that's over a decade of end-of-the-bench play. It's embarrassing for everyone involved.


-- Nazr Mohammed had yet another solid game at both ends of the floor, shooting 7-11 from the field for 14 points, and getting 2 blocks while playing the best defense he's played in many months.

-- McGuire actually played the ideal game for him, taking only two shots, both at the rim, and both drawing fouls. (One wasn't counted because he missed the shot.) His problem is taking shots: he shouldn't take them. I'm just not convinced that he can resist.

-- The Cats' team defense actually kept them on the fringes of contention into the fourth quarter. As poor as the offense was, there's no shame in holding Boston to 31-71 shooting (44%%). Note, too, that the percentage was lower before garbage time.

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