Props and Drops - December Edition

So it seems the Cats are going shopping.  That means for the December edition of Props and Drops, I'm going to take a look at two players that Charlotte shouldn't look to part with and two that should be ringing in the ears of every GM from here to Sacramento.


Gerald Wallace - His production has dropped off, his leadership skills have been questioned, and now he's hurt.  Some fans are sounding the "trade him while still at high value" call, and to an extent I certainly get where they're coming from.  If Bill Belichick were the Bobcats' GM, he'd likely be on his way out the door.  However, I say that trading Crash would be the nuclear option, to use Stern-speak.  Unless we're getting a superstar-level talent in return (and I don't see that happening, especially after the Nets just guaranteed they've got the sweetest Melo-pot), shipping Gerald out would be the surest sign of waving the white flag and moving on to Bobcats 2.0.  He's been the heart and soul of this team for its entire existence, and I don't think you dump a guy like that unless you're getting a clear and compelling net gain in talent in return.

Tyrus Thomas - T-Time's a no-brainer.  They've invested big money in this guy, and in his limited action this year he's lit up the scoresheet.  He's got the hustle that has been the Cats' M.O. from day one (noticed how often he's flying around after loose balls this year?), and a high ceiling on his talent. 


Stephen Jackson - I like Jack, and I certainly don't think he's slipped into 'run-him-out-of-town' mode yet.  He's not been getting calls this year, and it seems to really have rattled him, but he's still our leading scorer and has hit some big shots so far.  I think he's our most valuable asset in terms of potential trade gain vs. what we'd lose in him.  Shipping him out as part of a deal to get a new scorer and more post presence (I liked the Richard Hamilton/Ben Wallace idea someone threw out recently, and Bonnell did mention Detroit as a likely partner) seems to me to be one of the best trade moves the team could make.  We could get more for Gerald, but it would also sting disproportionately more.

Boris Diaw - You know, I've actually enjoyed watching Boris a lot more this year, and I don't really begrudge him in the least.  But we just straight-up need to get Tyrus on the court.  We certainly aren't paying him for 15-20 a game.  To the right team, the French Connection has some decent value, and swinging him as part of a deal to upgrade another slot in the starting lineup would be a fantastic move, seeing as how we wouldn't be losing anything by T-Time taking his place at the 4.  Larry would miss him, sure - but if we just tell him that the move will open up minutes for McGuire as the backup power forward, I'm sure he'll get over it.

That's my take.  Let's hear from the rest of ROF Nation.  Make something happen, MJ!  Oh, and a win over the Hawks tonight would be nice, too.

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