Soooo, the Bulls want Stephen Jackson do they?

That's fine.  They can have him.  I haven't been a fan of his very much, especially his decision making.  In what is probably the Bobcats most uplifting win of the whole season, he had 9 turnovers.

Of course, they're not getting him without Diop.

Try this trade on for size, which doesn't require an extra team.

Brewer isn't getting his starters minutes in Chicago and Stephen Jackson is a sufficient replacement defender who will eat up minutes, while also being able to spread the floor like Korver did.  Bogans and Thomas were barely playing anyway, and both would be servicable to us.  Bogans can hit a three and is a capable defneder
.  I doubt at all Chicago would get rid of Korver, he's already become a fan favorite (as he does wherever he goes) and has gotten involved in the community, but he has to be thrown in to make the numbers work.

If we need an extra trade partner, then how about the team Chicago is trying to be, the Utah Jazz.

We get rid of Jackson, Diop, Diaw and Carroll but manage to free up even more space for next season despite taking on AK-47's contract.  He is going to have to sign for less money no matter what next season, and perhaps we can entice him to come here, although I would expect him to sign with New Jersey next season, you know the Russian thing. (If anyone is going to overpay him, it's NJ.)  For the future, we get Brewer, who is one of the few SG's who is actually a BETTER defender than Jackson, although we lose a considerable amount of offense.  The fact that we get so much cap space going into the CBA while remaining competive this season can't be ignored.

Why it works for us: we lose nothing defensively and gain one of the most versatile players in the NBA in Kirilenko, who plays at his best at the 4.  Can you imagine he and Wallace on the floor at the same time?  Basically, the not lazy version of Diaw. Kurt Thomas could be servicable.

Why it works for Chicago: they want Jackson to play alongside Rose.  No matter what, I can't see us getting rid of one of our best players without making someone take Diop.  They can afford to take on that albatross because nearly their entire team is locked up for awhile.

Why it works for Utah: despite the emergence of CJ Miles as a consistent 3 point threat they really miss Korver to spread the floor and I don't want to get into the racial implications as well.  Carroll would work perfectly in Sloan's heavy screen offense.   Luol Deng is one of my personal favorite players in the NBA and is incredibly versatile, and Diaw, well, if any coach in the NBA could make him lose weight and play 100%, it's Jerry Sloan.  Plus they'll be happy to get rid of Kirilenko's contract for Deng's, who is worth every penny of his 11 million.

Thoughts?  Why I'm crazy? Why I'm a genious?

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