Rasheed Wallace to Charlotte Instead?

D.J. Augustin for Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been mentioned as a possible trade, but what about the other PF from Boston?

All around the internet, Bobcats and Celtics fans have been buzzing about the deal reportedly  being worked out between the two teams that would send D.J. Augustin to Boston and Glen Davis to Charlotte. It's also being reported that more players would be needed to make a trade work. The best solution I came up with using that criteria would be


Glen Davis, Eddie House and Brian Scalabrine (3 million expiring contract) for

DJ Augustin and DeSagana Diop


That would work well for both teams. Charlotte would get the extra front court depth they've been desperate for all year and another shooting specialist that lacks defense to be able to replace DJ. Plus, the team will be going through an ownership change soon, and I'm sure that an expiring contract could be interesting. Boston would be getting a PG to fill in to help Rajon Rondo and has a bright future, and another long, athletic big, who can defend. How about a better trade though?


What we here in Charlotte should be trying to accomplish this year is something big. The fans are almost ready to embrace the team like we need to. The East is probably as wide open as it'll ever be with Boston looking old,  Atlanta being young, and Orlando looking iffy. Cleveland is looking pretty good (but the Bobcats own two victories over than already this year). We should, and don't laugh when I say this, be going for a championship this year before we bring in an owner that probably will make MJ leave, which will in turn, make the great Larry Brown leave. I don't think we do that with Big Baby. We already have a soft PF (Boris Diaw), that's not the problem. We need an attitude adjustment at the PF. The way I see it, we have a PG in Raymond Felton, a SG in  Stephen Jackson, and a SF in Gerald Wallace who can be counted on to bring it every night. A healthy  Tyson Chandler and Nazr Mohammed are more than sufficient at C, so all we need is an upgrade at the 4 spot.


Boris' sporadic play has been maddening this year, but I think what he brings to the team could be needed in the playoffs (if we make it). So why not bring in a player who can turn Boris into a 6th man type of player where he really flourishes. And we don't have to look to another team. How about Sheed? Here's what could happen and why it would be good,  for both teams......................


Augustin and Diop and 1st Rd Pick  for Wallace and  Eddie House


The Pros for Both Teams

Well, for Charlotte, Augustin is an explosive player who needs the freedom to roam around to reach his potential. Sadly to say, that's not what Larry's game plan is about. His lack of effort on defense has kept him in Larry's doghouse for a while, so, maybe we should move on to help the team this year. I mean, Larry hasn't really made a bad trade yet has he? We would also be getting rid of Diop's contract. The kid shows potential at times, but I'm going to go crazy if I see him shoot one more air ball on a free throw. Meanwhile, it'll be a North Carolina reunion with Rasheed coming home to the Tar Heel State. It'll also mean he's re-uniting with Larry (look at Detroit's championship to see how that turned out). He'll bring an attitude adjustment to the 4 spot that Boris really needs to improve on. He can be great when he wants to, he just gets soft at times. Rasheed would fix that, and improve the team even more. You got to have players with heart if you want to win. That's why we're so much better with Captain Jack. We'd also be getting Eddie House, who lacks defense just like Augustin, but has a killer mentality on the floor.


For Boston, they would be getting ready for the future (something their lack of doing in the past is showing up now) by shedding two players on the latter end of their career, while also picking up two young players who can probably contribute right away. Boston lacks a back up center, and they would be picking that up with Diop. They have a flood of post players (Kevin Garnett, Wallace, Shelden Williams, Davis, Scalabrine), but no one to really come in to play Shaquille O'neal or Dwight Howard when the old guys are wearing down.   They also get Augustin, who can be a scorer like Allen Iverson.


Really, I'm hoping we don't have to trade DJ and can probably persuade Boston to take Acie Law instead on the Davis deal. But if we get Rasheed Wallace, I mean, I really think we could have a shot at a title. Although, I'm sure some people would be concerned about pairing Sheed and Captain Jack on the same team. Don't worry, I'm sure Larry can keep them in line.

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