Power Forwards The Bobcats Could Be Targeting Around The League

(DA: From the FanPosts)

Larry Brown's Bobcats are trying to desperately acquire a backup to Diaw, but who is out there to help?

The Bobcats really don't have much room to make a huge improvement (Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire), but the Bobcats have a realistic shot at acquiring the power fowards on the list. 

Ryan Gomes - Dependable forward out of Minnesota. Team is in rebuilding mode, so they will probably want to move him evenutally. Maybe Bobs take a look.

Al Harrington - Rumored to be in Mike D'antoni's doghouse. Knicks are willing to move him, but probably won't seek anything other than expiring contracts in return.

Andray Blatche - Reportedly was offered in exchange for D.J. Augustin. Bobcats turned that down quick.

Antonio McDyess - Larry Brown favorite. Unsure if Spurs are willing to move him, but things haven't gone as planned so far in San Antonio.

Drew Gooden - Would be a very solid rebounder for Charlotte. Reportedly flirted with signing with the Bobcats this off season before deciding to head back to Dallas.

Tyrus Thomas - The Bobcats have reportedly offered Ronald Murray, Acie Law, and a 1st round pick in exchange for the Bulls forward out of LSU.

Jason Thompson - Rumor floated around about a trade a few weeks ago, but he is viewed as a big part of Sacramento's future.

Brandon Bass - Like Drew Gooden, was on the Bobcats radar this off season before deciding to sign with the Magic. He's been upset about playing time though, and may be moved before the deadline.

Rasheed Wallace - Would be a great UNC reunion in Charlotte. Ainge has rejected the idea of trading Wallace in the past few days though.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis - Reportedly was headed to Charlotte in exchange for D.J. Augustin. The deal must have fell through, because Ainge has denied it.

Luis Scola - Probably not really on the trade block from the Rockets, but is on a manageable salary and should at least be looked at.

Carl Landry - The same as Scola, probably not being shopped, but would fill the Bobcats need very well.

Udonis Haslem - Chad Ford was floating a theoretical trade around on ESPN the other day in which the Bobcats landed Haslem and Dequan Cook, but we had to give up a bit too much.

Elton Brand - One of the more untradeable contracts in the NBA, Elton Brand can still get the job done. He's just not worth the money, at all.

Antawn Jamison - Charlotte native, UNC Tar Heel, Washington Wizards fire sale, what more am I missing?

Anthony Randolph - Athletic young forward from the Warriors, probably out for the year and won't be dealt this year.

Michael Beasley - Has been mentioned in every possible Miami trade rumor, but I really don't see the talented youngster landing on the Bobcats. I think him and Larry would clash on a daily basis.

Nick Collison - Good hustle player who could probably provide the spark the Bobcats need.

Ronny Turiaf - Another energy player out of the western conference who could run around and make plays when the Bobcats look lethargic, which happens at one point in almost every game.

David Anderson - Another young Rockets forward who could probably help the Bobcats. Not as untradeable as the first two.

Matt Bonner - Forward out of San Antonio who can stretch the floor and provide a little rebounding.

Jordan Hill - The Knicks are in love with D.J., and Larry needs a PF. Could maybe become a reality.

Kurt Thomas - Being shopped around the league for a 2nd round pick. Bobcats should make a move.

Jared Jeffries - Horrendous contract for his minimal offensive ability, but I could really see him flourishing in Charlotte.

Kenny Thomas - Sitting on the bench in Sacramento for the past couple of seasons, he has an expiring contract and will probably be bought out after the deadline. Is a favorite of Larry.

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