The Official Bobcats Run to the Playoffs Thread

This thread will be periodically updated with the results of the wins and losses from other teams that's effecting the Bobcat's playoff hopes. It's a 5 team race, but only 4 will make it.




Thursday, March 4th

The Bobcats take another loss, this time at the hands of the Boston Celtics. I mean, losing to a team like Boston has never really been bad news considering how good they've been, but I can't help but feel a sense of anxiety after watching that game. I honestly felt like Boston is one of those teams I'd want us to meet in the first round, however, they've dominated us this year. I don't want any part of them. The loss drops us to 28-31, and leaves us all alone in 9th place. Tonight, we've got two favorable games coming up with the Chicago Bulls hosting the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Miami Heat playing Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The craziest thing is despite how bad we've been over the past 10 or so games, and all the wins it seems like everyone else is getting, Miami actually still has the same number of losses as us, and Chicago only are two games up in that column. Add that with the fact that Joakim Noah is going to be out for 10 or more games, and things could turn around quickly as long as we win a few here and there.


Friday, March 5th

The Heat won, and the Bulls lost last night, so we're in still pretty good shape. At the moment, Toronto is still in 5th place with only 28 losses, while the Bucks have 29, the Bulls have 30, and us and Miami have 31 (that tie breaker game is going to be huge). Tonight, the Bucks will visit the Wizards (where I predict they'll win again) and the Knicks will play the Raptors (I think the Knicks will pull it off). Also on deck tonight, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are in Charlotte. The thing going for us right now is that all of the other teams have played more games than us, so, we're in the position, at least at the moment, to control our own destiny. A win tonight will be big for the morale of both the team and the fan base. Gerald Wallace spoke to the Observer about how worried he is to miss the playoffs the other day. Let's hope the rest of the team is just as worried, and plays with some fire.


Saturday, March 6th

The Bobcats, last night, continued their unlikely dominance over probably the best team in the league, the LA Lakers. And boy oh boy, was I happy watching that game. D.J. Augustin seems like he's starting to break out of the funk he's been in almost the whole year, we got a special cameo from ROF favorite Gerald Henderson, and Tyrus Thomas continues to make a huge impact on the defensive side of the ball, and on a few plays, saves us on offense with his unlikely jumpshooting and athletic dunks. I spoke yesterday about a win being a huge boost for team and fan morale, and it was. I know I'm happy. Other than that though, we didn't receive any help from the Knicks as they lost by 6 to the Raptors, or the Wizards, who were crushed at the hands of the Bucks. Right now, it looks as though our biggest competition is Miami and Chicago, who have 31 and 30 losses respectively. We've got a great chance tonight to jump into a higher seed because Chicago is playing Dallas, Atlanta is playing MIami, and Cleveland is playing Milwaukee. The Bobcats can't afford a let down against the Warriors tonight.




Sunday, March 7th

Well, we did what we had to do against the Warriors. And I can pretty much include all of the same praises that I included yesterday. D.J. once again played VERY well scoring 19 off the bench, Henderson looks to have himself inserted in the rotation from here on out, and our big men have continued to play stellar defense. Hell, even Boris himself was only 1 assist shy of finishing with the first triple double in franchise history. Kudos to the Cats for a great game. Meanwhile, we didn't get too much help from Atlanta or Cleveland as they got beat by Miami and Milwaukee. However, Chicago did do us a favor in losing to the Mavericks, which now gives them 31 losses on the year, the same as us. And now, for some really great news for Bobcats fans, the Bulls could easily lose 6 more straight to up there losing streak to 10. They've got Utah, Orlando, Miami, Memphis, Dallas, and Cleveland all coming up before a bunny against the 76'ers. Personally, I feel like Chicago is the one team that tried to cheat itself this year, and doesn't deserve a playoff spot. Meanwhile, I have to give props to the Milwaukee Bucks for their inspired play as of late. They look like a number 5 seed team right now. We're idle today, but, more good news, the Raptors lost again today, giving them 29 losses on the year. A few days ago I thought we were about done in the playoff race, but with everyone else losing, we have a good chance to be a top 6 team in a few days.


Tuesday, March 9th

Monday was pretty meaningless to the Bobcats playoff hopes, so I didn't bother to post anything. Looking ahead tonight, the Bobcats, with a win, can probably take a huge step forward? Why? Because they would own the tie breaker with Miami and overtake them for a playoff spot, the Bulls play the Jazz in a game they will probably lose, the Celtics can maybe bring the Bucks back down to earth, and I don't see the Lakers losing 4 straight, they got the Raptors tonight.  A loss by the Bucks  and would be huge for the  Bobcats, as it would drop all teams in the race to 30 or more losses on the year and really even the playing field going into the stretch run.


Saturday, March 13th

It's been a few days since I've updated the post. I viewed it as kind of pointless to update it on a daily basis. However, haven't things been GREAT!!! for us? In the time it's taken for me to update the post from the last time, we've won 3 straight games, starting with that huge tiebreaker I spoke about over Miami, continuing with an impressive effort over Philadelphia, and ending with a big win over the Clippers. Meanwhile, Toronto and Chicago  have continued to lose on a nightly basis to give us back the 6th spot. Again, the only negative that's come out of this week has been all the winning Milwaukee has been doing. But, I've been keeping up with the team since the playoff race started, and they're looking like a legitimate 5 seed. However, I'm at peace with knowing they've probably already made it. As a matter of fact, we're getting closer and closer to the point where we can pencil everyone in outside of the Chicago Bulls, who have extended their losing streak to 7. As long as that continues, we can rest easy with the position we're in. Remember, getting to the dance is the first test. We still haven't accomplished it yet.

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