What team will win the NBA Championship? NBA 2K10 Says It will be.......

So, being the bored person I am, I was thinking to myself how to kill some time between now and Sunday when the playoffs begin (for us). I know a lot of the time, sports websites such as ESPN send a video game through a simulation that predicts the winner. So, here is the official/unofficial Rufus on Fire simulation. How far the Bobcats got after the jump.



Bobcats vs. Magic:

Game 1- The Bobcats were crushed by the Magic in the opening game 113-86. Captain Jack tried his best to keep the team involved scoring 28 points on 11-20 shooting, but Vince Carter and Jameer Nelson go nuts and score 28 and 26 respectively. Dwight Howard posts 15 points and 15 boards.

Game 2- The Bobcats take game 2 and stun the fans of Orlando winning 95-83. Although Carter added another 25 points, this time Stephen Jackson (30 points) had Gerald Wallace step up with him as he scored 15 points and pulled down 13 boards. Gerald Henderson has his best game of the series scoring 8 points (2-2 fg, 1-1 3pt, 3-3 ft).

Game 3- The Bobcats stun the world and go up 2-1 in the series winning Time Warner Cable's first ever playoff game in a thriller 92-88. Dwight Howard (25 points, 9 rebounds) and Rashard Lewis (18 points, 4-5 3 pt) weren't enough to overcome Captain Jack's 27 points added with double doubles from Boris Diaw (16/10) and Crash (14-13).

Game 4- The Magic bring the people of Charlotte back down to earth with another crushing victory 115-96. The Magic, despite only 9 points from Vinsanity, use a balanced scoring attack with 5 players scoring 15 points or over in the dismantling of the Bobcats. Wallace and Jackson continue to lead the way for the Cats each chipping in 21, with D.J. Augustin coming off the bench to drop 13 on 3-6 3 point shooting.

Game 5-The Magic begin to look like a dominate team again, this time winning 98-80. Dwight has a monster game scoring 28 points and pulling down 22 boards with 5 other Magic players, including J.J. Reddick (12) and Brandon Bass (15), scoring in double figures.

Game 6- The series comes to an end in heart-breaking fashion for the Cats as they lose 104-107 to be eliminated from the playoff chase. Too much Dwight Howard. Another 28 points, 17 rebounds, and 8 blocks sends the Cats home early.

Results: Magic d. Bobcats (4-2)

Information fans of ROF would surely want to know:

Larry Hughes played sparingly through the playoffs, averaging less than 8 minutes a game pouring in 4.2 points and 47% shooting throughout.

GOD, I meant Gerald Henderson averaged 4.7 ppg, 1.3 rpg, 1.3 spg, over the series and only pissed Larry Brown off enough to earn one DNP throughout the series.


The Rest of the NBA

Round 1 Match-ups

Cavaliers d. Bulls (4-0), Magic d. Bobcats (4-2), Hawks d. Bucks (4-0), Celtics d. Heat (4-3)

Lakers d. Thunder (4-1), Mavericks d. Spurs (4-3), Trail Blazers d. Suns (4-0) Nuggets d. Jazz (4-0)


Round 2 Match-ups

Cleveland d. Boston (4-2), Orlando d. Atlanta (4-0)

Lakers d. Denver (4-2), Dallas d. Portland (4-2)


Conference Finals

Orlando d. Cleveland (4-1)

Lakers d. Dallas (4-1)


NBA Championship

Lakers d. Orlando (4-3)

Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant 32 PPG, 6.0 RPG, 6.0 APG, 1.2 SPG

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