Bobcats-Magic revised Matchups - Now with more explosions!

After game 1, I thought I should re-evaluate some matchups that I deem important in this series.  These match ups include: Cheerleaders, mascot, douchebaggery of fans, and more! So let's get started after the jump!


Cheerleaders: Lady Cats vs. Magic Dancers

This isn't even close. They Magic Dancers faced the Lady Cats in the third round of the Dance Team playoffs. The Magic Dancers limped home after a thorough 73% to 27% beating handed down by the reigning champs.




I've already made my decision in my mind.

Lady Cats: 10 out of 10

Magic Dancers: 7 out of 10

Mascot: Rufus vs Stuff

Rufus is either hit or miss with most people. Some people don't like his costume because well, I'm not totally sure why. Maybe it's because they're intimidated by his soul patch and sunglasses? Maybe it's because Rufus' outfit is kind of gaudy. Either way, 5 out of 10


"Now remember kids, keep your distance; don't forget that Mr. Bavetta has just kissed Charles Barkley."

Stuff on the other hand, is all miss with me. He is a blatant ripoff of the Philly Phanatic (yes I know the history with Pat Williams). It looks like there was a contest to design the mascot and everyone felt really bad for the kid in the hospital so they took his design despite how awful it was. Sorry if it seems I'm being rough on him, but he is that bad.


You know how animals can sense bad things like earthquakes before they happen? This kangaroo knows what's up. SWEEP THE LEG! 0 out of 10

Fan Douchebaggery

Bobcats fans: I'm going to go out on a limb and say I can be one of the Bobcats most douchey fans. I'm not afraid to speak up. If I disagree with something an opposing fan says, I'm not going to be quiet about it. That said, I think my comments are usually thought out rebuttals of opponents that have some spice to make em sting. I make douchey comments after something was instigated by, I don't know....opposing fans coming on our blog to gloat and start sh--. Bobcats fans: 4 out of 10 (10  being a really big douchebag)

Magic fans: Magic fans have apparently none to little courtesy. It's not just this website that's seen an influx of Magic lovers. BobcatsPlanet and the Charlotte Observer have to deal with some very adamant homers who have decided that staying on their own Magic websites to relish the victory isn't enough. However, I know this isn't the majority. I'm sure there's a bunch of fans out there who can control themselves. Magic fans: 6 out of 10 (say something about this and it'll be bumped up).



10 out of 10

Would you want to house the coach for a week?

Larry Brown: He understands his spot in the house and he will be successful by taking your house to new heights of success. However, the family better be in the style he wants it, or he'll trade that sister for a veteran sister. While it may be tough to accept the mortgaging of the future for family success in the present, he'll get the job done (as long as you're not Isiah Thomas). But as an added bonus, he'll be gone midway through the week anyway. 8 out of 10

Old sister

: L_family-guy_meg-732983_medium

new sister: 



Stan Van Gundy: He'll eat you out of house and home. You'll be broke with your pantry empty two days in. He also may or may not be a secret pornstar. 2 out of 10


Not enough roast beef, champ?

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