All Hope is Lost?

After losing a third playoff game, Bobcats fans are beginning to worry about next season.  If the Bobcats can't beat the Magic, all hope is lost.  Not so fast.  How would the Bobcats and other NBA playoff teams have fared this season if all NBA teams had their current roster for the entire season?  The best indication of this is to look at the win/loss record of the games played after many of the key roster adjustments were made.

How would the season have ended if only the games played on or after January 1, 2010 counted?  While the number of games played in 2010 onward varied by team, the fewest games played by any one team in 2010 was 48.  Therefore I set 48 games as the base.  I counted the first 48 games played in 2010 for each playoff team to see how they would compare with each other.



  • 35-13 Cleveland
  • 33-15 Orlando
  • 32-16 Milwaukee
  • 30-18 Charlotte
  • 29-19 Atlanta
  • 28-20 Miami
  • 26-22 Boston
  • 25-23 Chicago

Charlotte would have the #4 seed and home court advantage against the Atlanta Hawks.  With the scenario above, the Bobcats would be favored to knock off the Hawks and then likely face the Cavaliers in the 2nd round.  With a 3-1 record against the Cavs this year, the Bobcats would have a legitimate shot at reaching the Eastern Conference Finals.  Orlando would face Boston and then either Milwaukee or Miami to play in the finals.  Do the modified 2010 standings above predict how the Bobcats might finish next year if they maintain their current roster?  If not, at least It is a good sign.  As evidenced by their playoff performance after 3 games, it is clear the Bobcats need another offensive weapon if they hope to take down the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals next year.  We'll be waiting to hear from Larry Brown and Michael Jordan during the off-season. 

The Bobcats ended up with possibly the worst possible scenario during the 2010 playoffs.  The #7 seed pitted the Bobcats against the Orlando Magic, who are possibly the best team in the NBA.

How would the West stack up?  I used the same 48 game formula above.  For tiebreakers I only looked at games played after January 1, 2010.  Utah would much prefer the #1 seed to the #5 seed.  Can the Lakers beat the Thunder without the home court advantage?  Maybe next season we will know.



  • 34-14 Utah
  • 32-16 Phoenix (wins tiebreaker)
  • 32-16 Denver
  • 31-17 OK City (wins tiebreaker)
  • 31-17 LA Lakers (2nd in tiebreaker)
  • 31-17 Dallas
  • 29-19 Portland
  • 29-19 San Antonio
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