Top 5 Reasons We Should Trade for Elton Brand and the #2 pick

A quick analysis of reasons why I think the Bobcats should make the move.




Top 5 Reasons I think we should trade for Elton Brand. As always, I'm open to hearing other reasons why we should or why we shouldn't make a move for him.


1. Elton Brand is still a decent player. I don't care what anyone says, he's been hurt, but he can still contribute in a big way. Playing under Eddie Jordan and his Princeton offense pretty much hurt everyone on the team. After sitting out with injuries for most of the past few years, Brand was able to stay relatively healthy last year but appeared mediocre under Jordan. I don't think that would be the case in Charlotte, as the offense would probably flow through him a lot more considering we have almost no post game.

2. Elton Brand fills a position need. The Bobcats made a desperate play at the deadline for Tyrus Thomas in shipping off a 1st round pick, Ronald Murray and Acie Law, but still face the prospect of losing the restricted free agent. Although he did fairly well in his stint (so far maybe) in Charlotte, he didn't really fill the role I wanted from a new pf, a low post banger. He took as many jumpers as Boris Diaw. Brand doesn't do that. He's a classic PF that plays down-low and tries to get the easiest baskets possible.

3. Elton Brand's terrible contract fits into the Bobcat's "plan" for the future. The summer of 2013/14 is really going to be the year that the Bobcats have a shot at signing a major free agent with how the team is currently constructed. The only players that year so far are Gerald Henderson and possibly the last year Diop's contract (I hate him). Even if the Bobcats won't have room to maneuver in the short term, they would still be on the same path they are pretty much now. I mean, that's only a couple of years. We can play through that right?

4. Elton Brand is a Duke boy. Everyone knows that fans of North Carolina teams are a lot quicker to embrace hometown heroes than a lot of other fans. Him being here, he'll have a ton of support from the fan base and can possibly get back to being half of the elite player he was when he landed the contract. I think, even now, a lot of fans want him to succeed just because of his well-natured character. I know I do.

5. WE GET THE NUMBER 2 PICK!!! I mean, are people not realizing this? This pick could actually turn out to be John Wall, depending on what the Wizards choose to do. I mean, even if Wall doesn't fall, that's still the chance to either draft Turner or Cousins, two players the Bobcats could desperately use and could possibly turn into franchise cornerstones. I really don't see the harm in this other than having the guilt of knowing you're overpaying for Brand. If he stays healthy, it's well worth it.


What do you think ROF fans? Should we dangle Tyson Chandler's expiring deal for Brand and the pick, or should we pass on it?

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