Whataboutbob_cats' 2nd Weekly-ish Funtime Basketball Related Stuff Update

Welcome back everyone! After last week's post, which if I may call a rousing success, I am back to write the second update. Once again, we'll begin with a unique Whataboutbob_cats update and then we'll get to this week's question which will focus on personal preference in basketball's many styles.

So on last Friday, the 11th, my friend and I went uptown to spread unofficial (read: unaffiliated) Bobcats awareness. Beginning at the Epicentre, followed by going to TWC Arena, and afterwards Trade & Tryon for "Taste of Charlotte," we took Cardboard Jordan to take pictures with the locals (no, we didn't charge for the pics. We're not douchebags). Do you have Facebook? Yes? Then see all of the pictures here. If not, here's one of my favorites.


Question of the Week

Which former or current basketball (read: NBA) players would you most like to play as? But I'm not going to let it be as cut and dry a question as people would think.

As I am sure most short people like myself would choose to play like tall dudes who can jam day in and day out, and others would choose MJ, Bird, and Magic, I had to create some more wrinkles in this question.

So the wrinkles are this: you can select any players you like as long as you have at least two in each of the two groupings. The first grouping will be entitled "Position/Height Restricted." In this group you should choose players that play(ed) the same position you play(ed) in street ball, middle school, high school, pros, ABA, college, whatever! Half of the players in this group must also be your same height or shorter as well (round down if you have to choose an odd number of height restricted players ie. one height restricted player if you pick three players in each group). Also, mark the height restricted player like so: (H).

The other group of three players, entitled "Position/Height Unrestricted" is for any other position. Anything goes here. I think I'll once again ban picking MJ, Bird, and Magic just because they are too fun to watch, and also probably to play as. But there are definitely great players people won't want to play as, like maybe Tim Duncan (bank shots anyone?). Also, if there are any betweeners like Pistol Pete, or Duncan, etc, go with your gut. But don't try to tell me Matt Carroll is a point guard, ok?

If you're still confused, here are my picks as I am a 5'7" pg.

Position/Height Restricted


  • Muggsy Bogues (H) - Yeah, I could have went with Spud Webb here. As super cool as it would have been to dunk at the height I am today (unfortunate, eh? Don't weep for me), Muggsy was a better player in my eyes and he played for the hometown team. During his time with the Charlotte Hornets, he averaged 8.8 assists per game with a 4.5:1 Assist to Turnover Ratio. Not to mention he is awesome, right Andrew?




  • Steve Nash - Maybe it's because he's still fresh in my mind, and somehow still playing in his prime, but I'd love to play like him. He has such court vision and creativity with passing lanes. Oh my, I'm getting flustered just thinking about his passes.




  • Oscar Robertson - First an apology for the last article. I hate reading articles where the author spouts great stats and expects that to convince the reader that the player was great by itself. And this is what always happens with especially The Big O. I realized that's what I did last article, oh no! So here's some back-up information to convince everyone. Perhaps the smartest guard to play, Oscar also had probably the best post game at the guard position. I think this compensates for my previous error.


Position/Height Unrestricted


  • Shawn Kemp - I know that this needs no explanation. One of my favorites, and I don't care if you disagree. You can humor me in the comments if you'd like though.


  • "Pistol" Pete Maravich - I could have put Pistol in my the position restricted group but a) I think he's more of a 2 guard and b) I think so highly of how he played that I'd rather think of him excelling so much that he's above just my pick to play as him as a guard. No matter what height I could be, I'd like to play like Maravich. A smooth player with a creative fluidity that transcended the game. He could score and also distribute to his teammates as well.



  • And.... SHAWN BRADLEY Gerald Wallace - Yeah, yeah. I can hear everyone from the East coast to the West coast screaming "HOMER!" My reply: please cram it. I know Gerald Wallace is not likely to be thought as one of the all time greats, but that's not going to stop me from wanting to play like him. This is overdue for me, too as I love the defensive side of basketball and yet I haven't chosen a truly great defender until now. As most Bobcats fans can attest, Wallace can do just about anything. He has a crazy vertical, great transition game, a nose for blocking shots and rebounding them as well, and determination. But perhaps what draws me to want to play like him more than others is his lack of fear. He isn't afraid to challenge any shot even if it means being posterized. He'll gamble for steals and the opportunity to cause opponents' turnovers. And he had this awesome dunk on LeBron so ... yeah, there's that.


If you have any questions at all about how to make your list, don't be afraid to ask.

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