How about a different perspective, eh?

I've been scouring all over Rufus the past few days, as this is (IMHO) the best place to get Bobcats news on the net, period.  I thought I'd check out what Raptors fans think of the recent trade discussions.  Following the jump is some of the more interesting quotes I ran across at Raptors HQ.  Some of the Raptors nation would agree with the majority of us regarding our favorite Frenchman, believe it or not.  Also worthy of note, Bryan Colangelo isn't exactly "Toronto's favorite son," if you catch my drift.

These are direct quotes, so please excuse any typos found.

"There mighty be other deals out there, but i like this one, largely due to Chandler. Imagine the frontline of Chandler, Bargs and Diaw – don’t toy with my emotions!!!"

"Unfortunately then the Diaw rumours came down the pipe...

...and I felt sick to my stomach."

"Chandler would be a nice piece. He’s that rebounding grit we need at C."

"I refuse to believe that Diaw will be a Raptor when the seasson starts. Lets me honest here, we need another PF like I need a third testicle. This has to be part of a bigger transaction. If “Its’ complicated”, then there must be more to come. As it stands right now, this trade does not sound “complicated”. It just sounds confusing."

"Talking about Diaw as an ‘excellent distributor’ is the same argument we heard from those who defended the Hedo signing last summer. Diaw is a declining, out-of-shape player with a less burdensome contract. That’s all."

"Calderon is the Anti-Carter as far as i’m concerned
I will proudly wear his jersey upon his return."

"I’m going to miss Jose ‘Bubbling’ Calderon. Yes, he may be overpaid, but it was nice to watch someone who played with a little fire and who brought it every night.

I was cheering for Spain yesterday because of him. Jose should definitely get a standing ovation when he comes back."

"This is what I’m most excited about. Chandler is a great fit at the 5 and while I’m not the biggest Diaw or Barbosa fans, they both defend and are useful pieces. We also rid ourselves of 2 of the weaker defenders on the team in Turkoglu and Calderon."

"I think Larry Brown will love Jose on offense, but to say he won’t be impressed with Jose’s defense might be a massive understatement."

"Seeing that Charlotte was the #1 defensive team in the NBA last year, I think Larry may be able to fit Jose in as a PG somehow."

"In Calderon, you get a really quality team guy. I love his heart and passion. He’s the guy that I actually have a jersey for, and I’m sore to see him go. He will make people around him better and is completely unselfish, sometimes to the point of his own detriment. Great shooter, great at the free throw line. Has had some leg injuries."

"Calderon was loved here but his defense made him a complete liability when on the floor. His personality will be missed…letting all other PG’s get to the rim at will – that won’t be missed.

Chandler really is the wild card here. If he can stay healthy he could be a nice addition."

"Calderon should be in sync with Brown on offense. He likes to run a structured game plan and having developed in Europe he will do what he is told. On defense, he will try, but his mobility is not the greatest, so don’t expect too much. LB will like the fact that Calderon is disciplined, has good shot selection, and is a good locker room prescence."

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