Figuring out actually what happened and what will; Why not to worry

Let's take a step back and see what the trade that got nixed and the trade that didn't offered the bobcats


Toronto trade (nixed):

netted us a good offensive point guard (read: starting point guard) at roughly the same long term salary as the combined salary of the outgoing players.  Also gave us the opportunity to give someone the MLE without going over the tax threshold (rosterbators go crazy with which center they thought the MLE could be used on)


Dallas trade (unnixed):

netted us two bench players who will see little to no time if derrick brown and henderson ever wish to become remotely respectable NBA players (on the flip side, will most likely render the two...erm...rookies obsolete).  Also 13M unguaranteed contract...what that means after the jump. But first, those two bench players...wait for it...make as much as calderon's long term salary!

now what does that mean?

Here are the two options the bobcats will do with dampier:

1) trade him

2) waive him


now if we trade him, he is really only useful to people at or around the luxury tax or are otherwise looking to shed lots of salary.  Since many sign and trades have already occured and most of the people we want have been already traded to utah for a trade exception and two first round picks, lets run through who could even possibly be trade partners.


Lakers, mavs, nuggets (and surprisingly, us) are over the luxury tax (according to hoops hype...I'm not going to bother figuring out who actually is).  something tells me we will not be acquiring any more players from those three teams.  Other options include people who are close, or owners that just want to save money by trading away long-term commitments.  Now, trading ANYBODY for erick dampier (+/- 25% according to trade rules) will put us over the luxury tax limit.  So we have to trade for an extremely good player to go over the limit.


Now there is one player as we all know that is clearly available for an owner that is so cheap...well he spurned Charlotte once already.  That is the only person I can envision trading dampier for so we can go over the tax limit.  I'm sure a trade can be worked out (I'm thinking minimum dampier, 2nd round pick, swap of 1st,  and henderson for paul).  So here are a slightly revised list of options:

1) Trade for Chris Paul

2) Waive dampier so we are under all thresholds


So if option 1 occurs, HOORAY!.  If option 2 occurs, we just traded essentially the same things (don't get into numbers, I've crunched them, we are the same on money on both the trade that did and didn't happen) minus getting rid of diaw so we can get two bench players instead of a starting point guard.  Congratulations, Michael Jordan will have cemented his status as one of the worst GM/owners of all time and I will officially rescind my bobcats fan status.

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