Favorite Team & Player(s) Growing up

So I wanted to start a new fun discussion on something other than the trade rumors.  It will happen or it won't only time will tell.  So why not have some fun in between and get to know each other (new and old posters alike).

Since none of us grew up watching the Bobcats play (I would assume there are no 7 year olds posting on here), what got you watching the NBA?  What team did you watch any chance you got and of course what player(s) did you enjoy watching?  Did you collect sports memorabilia from your favorite teams and players?  If so what is your most prized possession?


I guess I'll start:

Favorite player growing up and is currently retired is Scottie Pippen.  I enjoyed watching him play even after him and MJ were split up.  I think he certainly is one of the top 50 players of all time.  I would even say that MJ certainly helped Pippen improve his game, but without MJ, Pippen would still have been a great ball player.

Favorite current Player is Kevin Durant.  This kid is amazing, and as he continues improve I think he will surpass LBJ.  I really like the fact that he signed an extension to stay with his team and grow there.

The team I grew up watching and loved were the Pacers.  Even though the Bulls were the team to beat during this time period, I loved watching Reggie Miller tear up other teams (especially the Knicks). 

When I finally moved from my crap whole town in Vermont to North Carolina, I fell in love with the Hornets.  Then Shinn decided to take them away which was terrible and made me lose interest in any teams for a long time.  When the Bobcats were founded in Charlotte, I fell back in love with the NBA and have been a Bobcats fan since day 1.  I can't wait for each season to start to prove to the rest of the league that we are a team to be reckoned with.

Finally I did collect basketball cards.  I have more than I can count, a lot of them trash cards but some really great ones as well.  I did collect any and all Pippen cards back then and even traded away MJ cards to get Pippen cards I was missing, haha.  I don't really have time for that hobby now, especially since it's gotten so expensive.  I do still keep my eye out for random Pippen cards I don't have which aren't many at all.  I'm mostly missing the very rare 1/1 cards from a couple random years.  My most prized card is a Pippen/MJ dual card which was autographed by both personally after a Hornets/Bulls game way back when.

Recap for those that don't want to read, haha:

Favorite Retired Player = Scottie Pippen

Favorite Current Player = Kevin Durant

Favorite Team Growing Up = Pacers

Favorite Team = Bobcats

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