Plan B

Let me first say that, like many, I have just recently discovered ROF and I am very excited.  As a native to NC and a fan of all sports within its borders, it's awesome to find so many Bobcat fans and to read so many great insights.  I look forward to discussing all things Bobcats!

So the 'Cats need a PG and a C.  I will spare the sight another Chris Paul thread for the moment (even though I'll admit I'm obsessed with the idea) and open it up to thoughts of a plan B. 

Point Guard - DJ and Shawn are both solid but not spectacular. Shawn, if his knee holds up, could be a real steal.  DJ, while experiencing the sophomore slump, is still a very talented scorer and has potential.  But there is room for improvement at the position to be sure.

Here's a plan B trade that I haven't heard mentioned yet (maybe for good reason) but one that I really like for the 'Cats.

Boris Diaw for Terrence Williams

Apparantly it works even though the money is $6.8mil off. I'm no salary cap expert but I"m guessing it's because NJ has boat loads of cap room to absorb the difference.  I like TWill and was disappointed when NJ snatched him right in front of us in last year's draft. I think MJ would have definitely drafted him over Hendo (don't skewer me please, I know he's a favorite around here).  We don't need another SF I know, but what about TWill at PG?  He's got a great handle, great vision, he's an excellent passer and rebounder and his defensive is strong.  Plus he's 6'6".  He's lacking in offense but that he can improve. And the 'Cats clear $6.8 mil off the books!  Can you imagine the athleticism of a line up that included TWill, Jack, GForce and TT. 

Why the heck would NJ do this trade?  NJ wants a veteran PF to hold down the fort until Favors is ready. Plus, they're dying for some players with skill and Diaw would be a good fit for them.  They have also been rumored to be shopping TWill. They don't seem to value him very much. I'm not sure they're willing to absorb the cash difference but then again, they did just gave Travis Outlaw $7mil a year and they still have plenty of room.  Again, Diaw would be a good fit for them just as he was for us last year when the offense ran through him.  I think it's a win/win.

Center - This position is much more troubling to me. Not many options out there and Mohammad will most certainly be traded this year. That leaves Diop.  What happened to this dude?  He's got monster size and was a high lottery pick but can't get any minutes on the court.  Larry wanted him bad two years ago and now can't get rid of him.  IMO, the center position is the one position the 'Cats need to worry about the most especially when Diop is your ONLY option. Ouch!

Plan B's anyone?

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