Let's try another route...

So...the Bobcats are going to have a new look this upcoming season...

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Let's look at the positive:

Crash will be back.  The heart and soul of the team!  He will be back and I'm sure he has worked hard this Summer at another facet of his game.  My guess is jump shots and ball handling.  Glad to see him returning to us ths season

Jax will be back.  He has taken the Summer to lose some weight and get ready to play his true position at SG.  He's had the Summer to play some with DJ,  and he will get a full season to gel with the team.  playing together will benefit a great deal

Tyrus Thomas will be starting at PF this year.  We are replacing a pass first, shoot seldom guy with a super athletic PF that will give any defense a fit.  His athleticism and speed will make for an exciting season.

Derrick Brown is returning.  After seeing some promising minutes last season, we were getting to see a glimmer of the atheticism he brings to the floor.  With increased playing time this year, I am certain we will see increased experience and he will become more of a value to the team.

Gerald Henderson will be back.  He's spent the off season working on his jumper and ball handling.  He's done it much more than he has worked on his golf game.  he's understood sitting on the bench for a year exactly what the team needs and what parts of his game needed improvement if he wanted off of the bench.  He's worked on those aspects, and we saw some of it at the end of the season, and we saw it carry over in Summer League.  I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised when Hendo hits the court.

DJ will be returning this year.  Sophmore slump behind him, he knows now he has to step up.  Working out with Jax in the off season will hopefully give him the swagger and confidence that is needed to be the Floor General.  He knows what parts of his game needed improvement, and I think an improved DJ will take the floor this year.

Shaun Livingston is joining us this season.  He is young, athletic, a PG nightmare.  Personal opinion is that as long as he is healthy, and LB can rotate players in and out instead of having 5 guys with 40+ minutes per night, he will be one of the biggest pickups of the off season.

Nazr will be back with us this year.  He proved to us last season that he deserved playing time.  He was definitely a strong force in the center position for us last year when Chandler was busy riding the bench.

Questionable New Guys:

Matt Carroll - can he still stop and pop?

Najera - is he still the coach favorite garbage guy at crunch time?

McGuire - ?

Collins - Can he play like he did when he was leading his college team?  Can he keep the weight in check...

Dampier - Obvious salary he worth bringing back at a lower salary?  His biggset drop in production came due to a loss of Playing time to Haywood.


Questionable Old Guys:

Diop - Can you do what Nazr did last year?  You're over seas right now representing the NBA...I pray that you are healthy, and in decent shape, and I for one am hoping you surprise us all.

Diaw - Where does he fit in?  a $9mil backup PF is not an attractive option on a team full of $$$ contracts.

A nice backup, but not for the $9mil per...



So, there...I did it...positive as I can be, and if we all give the team a chance, they may surprise us more than we can imagine.  We can all be let down just the same, but I promise, as the season gets under way and continues, if not before, you'll see some more roster moves take place...but for now, let's give what we got some props and let's back out Charlotte Bobcats, no matter who is in those uniforms...

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