Trade and Free Agents I Think the Bobcats should explore

First I will name 2 free agents I think the Bobcats should highly consider signing. Those 2 are Flip Murray and Lou Amundson. Now the Bobcats are a fantastic defensive team, but they are very poor scoring wise. Flip was great in his role last season with the Bobcats he came in and put points on the board. He won't break the bank either and would be valuable off the bench. Lou Amundson is just awesome. He is a hard worker and a fan favorite. He is undersized, but comes in and is a great energy guy off the bench. He gets a ton of blocks and put back points as well as rebounds. I really think the additions of Lou and Flip would improve the Bobcats bench. 

One guy I think the Bobcats should trade for is Rudy Fernandez. Fernandez is great off the bench and another fan favorite. He can shoot, score, handle the ball, play both wings and the point. He would probably cost 2 second round picks.

Some trades I propose are: Denver sends cash and next year's first round round pick and future second rounder.  Even before Kenyon Martin's injury the Nuggets lacked depth in their front court. Now with him injured and Al Harrington taking up big minutes they are really in trouble. Unless they add more bigs they will not make the playoffs this year they just don't have enough. If they do this trade they add 2 very solid bigs in Najera and Nazr Mohammed. I believe those 2 could very much improve their bench and team in general. I mean Kenyon will be injured possibly all of next season and he will still be making 16.5 million. Indiana sends next year's first rounder and Charlotte sends next year's second round pick. Indiana needs a power forward after the loss of Troy Murphy in the trade for Darren Collison. If they don't add a big they will be stuck with Tyler Hansborough occupying big minutes and a bunch of low quality big men behind him. They get rid of Posey's contract and then take on the bad contract of Matt Carroll  Bobcats send 2 future second round picks. Bobcats add a really good young point guard who would be their point guard of the future. They lose 2 solid young role players, but gain the 5th pick in the deep 2009 draft who has the potential to be a really good young point guard. For Minnesota, Khan never really had any plans for Flynn and with Rubio coming over next year or the year after that there was no room for him. Also with Luke Ridinour locked up for 4 years there is no point in keeping 3 point guards all good enough to start. I think Flynn was supposed to be an asset that Khan would have that backfired on him. 

Bobcats still have Dampier's contract to work with. If they want to use it to acquire a star player or just for cap relief is anyones guess. They keep their core together and only improve it while adding talent and picks. They also get out of bad contracts and gain a bunch of expirings. 

new team

Johnny Flynn/Shaun Livingston/ Flip Murray

Cap'n Jack/ Flip/Gerald Henderson/ Shaun Livingston/James Posey

Gerald Wallace/ Gerald Henderson/James Posey

Tyrus Thomas/ Lou Amundson/ Dominique McGuire 

Eric Dampier/Jeff Foster/ Lou

I would sign Chris Hunter too in case of injury and keep in D league

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