Scottie Pippen doing the radio tours in North Caroline

Scottie Pippen joined Triad morning radio show Two Guys Named Chris this morning, somewhat unexpectedly.  There was no announcement about this whatsoever, and apparently the interview was impromptu, arranged by one of the co-hosts, Deidre James.  "Darth" Pippen entertained several questions from the two hosts (Chris Kelly and Chris Demm) including Lebron-gate, his new product, and, somewhat uncomfortably, questions about his finances.


CK: "We've seen a lot of athletes, especially NBA players, have trouble with their finances following their careers.  Is money a concern for you?"

SP: "Not really.  I know first hand what kind of situations can arise, but  think I'm doing well enough now."

This was ironic because Pippen was promoting Prime joint support formula from Market America.  Pippen goes on to say that it's important to have someone you trust managing your money, but even someone you trust can turn on you.  I assume that he's blaming someone else for his past money problems and bad investments.  But I don't know the backstory.

CK: "What advice would you give an NBA rookie, say John Wall?  What ONE THING would you tell him before his career started?"

SP: "Watch your own money and put all of your money in a savings account."

CK: "I remember Charles Barkley said the same exact thing."

They then go on to talk more about the Prime formula, with Kelly saying he needs some for his heels, which isn't even a joint, and Dem saying he needs it for his knees.  Pippen says he uses it daily.

When asked about Lebron, Pippen says he thought the whole ESPN thing was classless, but said that he had no problem with James decision to go to Miami.  He says that all players want to win a championship and said it was no different than him and Rodman coming to play with Jordan.  I found this VERY interesting.  Especially considering how so many people have said it's definately NOT like that situation. (I have personally agreed with Pippen).

Pippen was also on the Murphy in the Morning show for Greensboro station 1075KZL.   Does anyone else know what radio stations Pippen is scheduled to appear on?

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