ROF Fantasy Football Update and My Opinion about the Team

the league is now full, and for those of you in it (the few of you), the draft is going to be this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th at 8:00 EST. 

i'm looking forward to having a great season, and i would love to see a future ROF fantasy football league that has like, 20 people. but that will be up to time. 

lets all have fun, and, for the sake of this 75 word rule, maybe some more of this post will be about basketball after all...

The Kwame Brown Thing: initially, i really didnt like this move. at all. Kwame is one of the worst players  that i've ever seen in the NBA. and that's all that i think LB expects. i think he realizes that a the minimum, getting somebody of Kwame's size is a steal (as opposed to Diop at his monster contract like somebody said once before). i cant see how we would use him for anything that isnt foul related. 

The Non-CP3 Thing: sorta like having female "friends with benefits". somebody is always going to catch feelings, and in our case, that was us. we caught feelings and, quite frankly, New Orleans just didnt feel the same. 

The Melo Frontier: there's no doubt in my mind that he's somewhere else by next year, and i do feel as though the biggest question is where. i can only see Denver giving him up if they hold a king's ransom on some poor team (for example, us sending both Geralds, DJ, and some picks), and my gut feeling is that he sticks it out in Denver this year before bolting. 

Michael Jordan: so far, i feel as though he's done a great job at running the organization. maybe we aren't top contenders in the neo-east, but for a team that has had as much struggle as the Bobcats, he's doing a fantastic job at nursing a phoenix. i cant wait to see what this team looks like in 3 years. i feel as though Hendo and Derrick Brown will be steals, and yes, even though this Eric Dampiere thing didnt work out (and i wish we still had Chandler), it will be a money saving move. 

Potential Trades and Team Outlook: unless we get a deal where we can send Boris, DJ, Dampiere, or Matthew Carroll (in any combination), and get a solid, starter quality PG in return, i dont see a nice trade happening. not because of the money, but because outside of those 4 players, we have nothing else to offer. Boris, DJ, and Damp all offer financial flexibility to any team, and i think we could tag Carroll on to a trade involving any of them. sure, we could offer Gerald or Jax, but why would we really want to? as far as this season goes for us, i'll say that we wind up fighting for the 8th seed in this east. to me, there's a lot of teams that stand out to me as dark-horses (Milwaukee, New York, New Jersey), and i find myself questioning if the 'Cats have the talent. lets hope so



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