TV Time

So...the Carolina Panthers are playing today...and they have the early game.  I got a question, and please, someone give me an answer.

We as Bobcats fans know that we are NEVER on TV.  That really sucks.  I would kill to have a game televised at least 1 time a week.  We can't even get that.  Here comes my question


Why is it when the Panthers are on TV, there are NO OTHER GAMES TELEVISED????????????

Color me pissed right now.  I am a Steelers fan.  Their game is on right now.  I was in the bonus room on the computer and I saw that they had put in Batch when Dixon started.  I also saw on Yahoo that the game was on CBS.  I get off the computer and go downstairs, turn to CBS...lo and behold...Paid Programming on CBS, and Panthers on WCCB -18


I remember back in the day there were football games on at least 2 TV stations.  Now that Carolina has the Panthers, we are blocked from seeing anything except for the Panthers played.  This is like reverse of what I would expect.  I could imagine the Panthers games being blocked out because they are so close to the viewing area.  Instead, it is shoved down our throats because it just HAS to be the team of the Carolinas...


I know there are several Panthers fans here who are tickled pink that the game is on, but as Bobcats fans, see my point about NO other games being on.  What the crap is the deal?  There is no sense in blocking programming because the Panthers are playing.  I will promise you that when the Panthers game goes off, there will be football on CBS.  Guarantee it.  I'd bet the farm on it even.


Why do I hate the Panthers?  This is why...when you cram a team down my throat, don't expect me to pull for them.  Same reason I don't UNC Chapel Hill or Duke...crammed down my throat.


Rant complete.  Time to pull up the Yahoo GameChannel and watch stats scroll instead of watching an actual game...

I wonder if I could find the game online...

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