Rumor: Boris Diaw for Devin Harris -- Please let this happen

To catch you up on the latest rumor emanating from Woj at Y! and Marc Stein at ESPN, the Bobcats would trade Boris Diaw (to Utah, apparently) and end up with Devin Harris. Please tell me if I'm crazy to be thinking:

Please please please please please please please please please let this happen...

Harris is no superstar, but he's a just-sub-All Star type who plays solid defense and is an absolute rocket up and down the floor. More to the point, he'll play 38 minutes at point guard every night, thank you very much. No drama there. The best thing about Harris, and the thing Larry Brown must love about him? He gets to the line. A lot. Per 40 minutes, we can expect Harris to get to the line for between 7 and 9 attempts this season, before taking into account changes in ball distribution. For comparison, Raymond Felton had the ball in his hands a good amount last year, and got to the line for around 3 free throws per 40 minutes.

It also clears up the Diaw-Tyrus Thomas question and leaves only the big man in the middle as an unanswered question, and one much more easily answered when there's no pesky "we also need a point guard" issue complicating matters.

After the jump, how the rotation would break down should we end up with this dream of a trade.

PG - Devin Harris, Shaun Livingston, D.J. Augustin

SG - Stephen Jackson, Gerald Henderson, Matt Carroll, D.J. Augustin

SF - Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, Derrick Brown, Dominic McGuire

PF - Tyrus Thomas, Gerald Wallace, Derrick Brown, Dominic McGuire, Eduardo Najera

C - Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, DeSagana Diop

Unless I'm mis-counting, that's 14 players, and a full roster. Sorry, Sherron Collins. Don't bother, Larry Hughes. Maybe we'll call you later in the season, Darius Miles.


Nets Daily relays that New Jersey won't give up Brook Lopez (duh), and provides this delightfully curmudgeonly bit from Charley Rosen, also known as the guy who told everyone LeBron James wasn't all that.

SLC Dunk says the only reason for the Jazz to do it is a salary dump.

The fine folks at Denver Stiffs are probably reeling from the notion of trading 'Melo for Kirilenko, Favors, and picks, but they should have more up soon.

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