My Proposal

With the news that Tyrus Thomas will be out for basically the remainder of the regular season, it really got me thinking. With a draft class that really suits what we need, and the constant improvement of other Eastern Conference teams, why dont we blow this team up now, but maintain a repectable team. I have a couple of reasonable trades, whether or not the teams agree to them is another story. But I think it fits what all parties are looking to do.

(All below trades approved by Trade Machine)

Trade Scenario # 1

Bobcats receive: Wilson Chandler, Eddy Curry, Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf

Nuggets Receive- Stephen Jackson, Derrick Brown, Nazr Mohammed, Danillo Gallinari, 2 Knicks first rounders

New York Receives- Boris Diaw and Carmelo Anthony

Charlotte gets some young promising players and shed some future cap space with the expiring contracts of Turiaf and Eddy Curry. With Thomas out, we get a shot blocker in Turiaf who can defend off the bench, similar to Thomas

The Nuggets get a mix of potential and proven, as far as players go. They also get an expiring contract and draft picks

The Knicks get the prize, a.k.a Carmelo Anthony, and  a reunion of Dantoni and Diaw

Trade Scenario #2 ( All trades are seperate by the way, there is no combination of trades, all seperate ideas)

Bobcats Receive- Derrick Favors, Brandon Bass, Anthony Morrow

Magic Receive- Troy Murphy

Nets Receive- Gerald Wallace, Derrick Brown, J.J Reddick, Quentin Richardson, Bobcats future pick

Same story here for the Bobcats. We get two nice, young pieces in Morrow and Favors. Bass is a good post player that can definately help fill the void left by Tyrus' inury.

The Magic do this because they....1.) Shed future cap, which can be used to help resign Dwight Howard and 2.) Get another double-double machine to go either beside or behind Dwight.

New Jersey does this because they have to basically. Favors has had his confidence shattered. I mean he was the number three pick, and thought he was going to a team that wanted him. Ever since his name was called in the Draft, his name was mentioned in trade talks. The Nets also went to the plate and left the bat with Carmelo. They had the fan base ready to go, but then ended talks. So know they go for the next best thing in Wallace and a draft pick.

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