What do we want as RoF members, NBA fans, Americans, humans being?

My apologies guys, but I just needed to know how it is sometimes...

Since you asked and I'm in a mood...let me share exactly what we want.


We would like to have an NBA season.  Well, some of us would.  At this point, the greed from both sides have sickened us all so much that some want a season, some don't want one, season ticket holders want their money back, owners want re-dos on their contracts, and players don't want to give up the lavish lifestyle.  So...we want the drama to end and SOMETHING to happen.  Call the season off or play a reduced season...but decide real soon if you want the NBA to continue to exist.


We all want the perfect team.  In a perfect world, free from a lockout, salary cap, luxury tax and a bottomless wallet, we want the Bobcats to consist of a lineup of:


PG - Rose

SG - Kobe

SF - LeBron

PF - Durant

C - Howard

or something like that.


Unfortunately we are the Bobcats.  We have no superstars and we never have.  We were close a couple times in our own minds, but reality is that they looked good on our team, but in comparison to the rest of the league, there wasn't much there.  Now we sit and nit pick draft picks that haven't see the court, tear apart the owner who has had majority control for about 1-1/2 years (over half a year with his hands tied), crucify starters who have not started under a coach for a full season nor had set plays or a playbook under that coach, and we try to place players that we as individuals think would be the fit.  Reality is that there is no 1-player fix.  There is no 2-player fix.  There is no 1-year turnaround.  There is no magic band-aid.  Sadly, we have looked for it for 6 years under a budget owner.  Now MJ owns the team and he knows this.  He knows that it will take 5 years to turn the team around.  Sadly, the fans are looking for the magic pill that makes the Bobcats the 2013 NBA Champions.  It ain't happening folks.  If we were to land the #1 pick every year for the next 5 years, the odds of a Kobe, a LeBron, a Jordan popping up in the draft are slim to none.  5 years folks.  MJ will need time to build, and no matter how many hundreds of posts are made about how Nick Young, T-Will, George Hill, the Morris twins, Klay Thompson, Joe Isuzu, Kawhi Leonard, or anyone else I've missed, they aren't going to fix the team.  I know this is a blog and we can all speak our minds, but in case it hasn't been noticed, even when we suck, we have fun in these very blogs...knocking on our own team...during the game.  Do we crucify folks for stating their opinions...shoot yeah we do...but it's all in fun.  We'll be on here for the next game...cracking the same jokes, posting the silly pics and jawing at one another until the next game and the next game and the next...


The lockout is killing us.  It really is.  We all blame one another from taking a blog topic and turning the topic into something else.  That's what I've done right here...or am I?  I think I am because this is a blog on why Ben can't blame MJ for where he stands.  I can't really blame him either.  If I own a business I want to make money.  MJ didn't set the pay scale, the revenue sharing, or the contract and bonus system.  He bought a team in a system that was broken and now he wants to correct it.  There...I said something on topic.

Back to my rant

This lockout has us arguing every day about how our guys the players one person's suggested addition sucks...

You see, when there is a season, we can talk basketball.  We can actually have some proof that player X is tearing it up, that player B is a bum, and how we should trade player E to get player F, G, and a pick.  With no games...all we can do is speculate, rosterbate, and hate, hate, hate.


I planned to stay away from all things basketball until Monday.  I can't.

I love this game.

I hate the greed, I hate the arguing, I hate the ignorance, but I love this game.  I sit and stare at Twitter.  I've done it since the players and owners started meeting.  I've been at every peak and valley.  I've been turning cartwheels one minute and cursing the NBA as a whole the next.  Yes, I was taking this weekend off, but here I am composing a short story for RoF.  Sometimes it’s good to just get it all out there in the open.  I think tonight’s the night.  There’s no NBA season, there’s NOTHING I care to see on TV, so why not take right now to just lay it all out there.

It always needs to be pointed out.


The thing with a blog site, it’s here for everyone to voice his or her opinions about everything.  No one is ever right or wrong.  They all just have opinions and folks can agree or disagree with them.  They can be super positive or super negative.  I always consider the super positive to be either blindly optimistic, crazy, or just generally a die-hard fan.  I think most of us here are die-hard fans with some casual fans sprinkled in.  There are the super negative fans that exist here as well.  The owners can’t do anything right.  The GM is an idiot.  The players are just horrible.  Our draft picks are horrible players.  The players we have can NEVER improve.  I would consider these guys fans of other teams if we were winning games like crazy.  I’d consider them sports analysts, scouts and coaches if they were employed by the NBA, or I’d consider them die-hard fans depending on the players they are talking about.  We can all coexist here, but when speculation and rosterbation runs rampant with no current on-court talent being displayed…well…there’s no quality to really talk about.  We’ll all continue to speculate, rosterbate, and hate, hate, hate until one of us is right and one is wrong.


I’m tired guys.  I’m tired of no season.  I’m tired of the ignorance.  I am sick of the players that have lost touch with reality.  Just a tip players: most all of you will make more money in a year or 2 than most of us will ever make.  And that would be if you get a “bad deal”.  What is a bad deal really?  I mean, if you under perform in a real job, you can be reprimanded or fired.  If you play basketball badly, you could get paid $5mil+ per year to do it…the new CBA wants to introduce reality to you.  If you suck at $5mil…you can get demoted until you figure out why you suck and hopefully you can fix it and come back to the nice pay scale.  See?  That is a harsh welcome back to the reality that we all face daily.  If you vote no to what is in front of you right now, you can face what 10% percent of Americans are facing right now.  No paycheck.  Unemployment folks.  Do any of you players remember life when you were in grade school?  When you were in high school?  Yes, you have a God-given talent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be above everyone else.  Remember where you came from.  The fact that you get paid to play a game is remarkable.  Bask in that luck.  Most of your parents slaved their whole lives and never made what you make just to walk on a court.  Think long and hard about that.


Owners, I got some for you too.  You paid too much for your team.  You know you did.  You paid too much for a player you really wanted that wound up not being the advertised product.  Get grounded guys.  Do you really think your team will make money if you have no superstars on it?  Check out Cleveland and Charlotte.  Charlotte used to lead the league in attendance and merchandise sales (oh you Teal and Purple crazies).  What happened?  Soured fans, soured cities, soured relationships happened.  How do you win back fans?  How do you win games?  How do you actually get some stars on your team?  Truth of the matter is luck, but it also has something to do with $$$.  I won’t lie at all about it.  $ is what makes the world go around.  Championship rings?  Yeah, you can win them if the price is right.  I understand that this “leveling the playing field” makes it easier to do that, but you are taking the Grand Canyon and filling it in.  You’re taking a bulldozer to the Appalachian Mountains and leveling it off.  I mean do you really think that you have the right to level the playing field in one fell swoop?  Do you?  Get real.  The players live in as much of a fantasyland as you guys do.  Both sides are at fault in this mess, and you should both be ashamed of yourselves.  When this CGBA negotiations began, both sides should have said something like, “Man this thing is so broken” and from that point, said 50/50 split for now and maybe sprinkle in a couple other bullet points to reduce salaries.  In a decade, you could have worked on some system issues.  Instead, we’re sitting 130 some odd days into a lockout watching the NBA and the NBPA play chicken.  Both sides whine about how bad of a deal the other is offering when truth of the matter is that the fans now could care less.  When national polls are saying that no one cares if there is a season…guess what that means when there is a season.  NO ONE WILL CARE!  We care, but we’re damaged goods now.  We’re all looking and wondering if the 2 sides will plow into each other come Monday.  Will one side blink?  Will one side swerve?  At this point, the only thing anyone wants to see is the wreckage afterwards.  The last lockout damaged the NBA fan, but this one will all but kill them.  This one hasn’t raged on as long as the last one yet, but people are different now.  A bad economy, overpriced gas, unemployment…you guys are messing with a powder keg that is going to blow.  It’s just going to take a spark.


Quick bullet point for the players:

  • Desertification – Fail
  • Turning down the deal – Fail
  • Taking the bad deal – win, but try to keep you mouths shut


Quick bullet points for the owners:

  • If the players reject the offer, and you don’t renegotiate a different offer – Fail
  • If the players take the deal, and you don’t look more in detail to give back – Fail
  • If you don’t have a better set of guidelines set to go in 10 years – Death to the NBA


Now Blast me with your opinions.  This was a blind rant from a long day and an even longer wait to see some NBA basketball.  I plan to space myself away from the NBA for a while.  Maybe I’ll play some NBA Jam



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