The importance of rebuilding through the draft.

As we all know and hopefully realize that Charlotte is probably on the smaller side of the small market teams. We have to understand that this upcoming season will be a rebuilding season and that it will be extremely important to develop young players. For the past few years we have been in the "get to the playoffs" mode and have been trading away valuable future assets. Personally I don't see a point in going to the playoffs as a #8 seed, when was the last time a #8 seed in the playoffs actually do anything? If we focus on developing young players while staying at least somewhat competitive, I believe that in 3-4 years we could easily be the next Oklahoma City Thunder of the east.

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As we all know, last year's crop of college prospects entering the draft was below average, with no surefire all-star candidates. However, because of that, this year's draft is loaded with talent. Whenever the #1 recruit in high school is predicted to be available in the mid-1st rounds, you know that this class is loaded. The Bobcats have long sought after a center that will not only be serviceable, but provide significant contributions to the team. In this year's upcoming draft, I believe there are 3 can't miss players in the draft that fits the bill.

Anthony Davis - Kentucky Wildcats, 6-10, 220

This is a player that grew over 7-inches in his junior year in high school, before then he was a relatively unknown guard prospect. We are looking at a player who stands 6-10 with a huge wingspan (blocked John Henson's final shot to secure the victory for Kentucky) and has amazing skills. What's scary about his game is that Davis is barely starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Davis will absolutely be a top-3 pick.

Andre Drummond - UConn, 6-10, 270

This guy is Amar'e Stoudemire 2.0 in many facets of his game. He is a beast inside for UConn right now. Most of his scoring come from dunks and ally oops over his defenders, but once and when he develops a mid-range jump shot he could really take off. Drummond is expected to be a top-5 pick.

Jared Sullinger - Ohio State, 6-9, 280

This is by far one of the most physical players in college right now. Sullinger constantly bullies his defenders around with power. He is also a fundamentally sound player that finishes around the rim well. I would say that Sullinger is the most polished big man of the three, however the biggest potential lies in Anthony Davis who could very well turn out to be Kevin Garnett reincarnated.

To conclude this post I would like our management to refrain from trading away future wealth. We gave away a 1st round pick for Tyrus Thomas and while I think he will be very good for us for years to come, but what if when our lottery protection on the pick runs out and it turns out to be a top-5 pick? If we look at what Minnesota did when they traded away their future 1st rounder to the Clippers for Marko Jaric (who isn't doing much right now) and this pick could very well be the #1 pick of 2012's draft. Even if years down the road, one of our stars want to be traded we could still net back a lot of pieces to keep us competitive. I think the deal that the Hornets are possibly receiving from the Clippers are a more than generous deal. Let me know your thoughts

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