No More Bobcats Streams?

Im not sure if anybody here has recognized that the infamous and have just been seized due to "copyright infringements" (okay... so maybe we all did know it was illegal to begin with). 

for those of you unfamiliar with either site, these are "streaming" sites where different broadcasts could be streamed by a user to other users on the internet. In essence, these were like mini-ESPN3 sites, but minus the corporations and garbage contracts. 

Some of you may be asking why this is a problem, and well, it's been a problem ever since the Bobcats were established back in 04. 

I live in good ole' Columbia, South Carolina, and ever since the Bobcats began play, its been insanely difficult for me to watch the team. I want to be the best fan i can be, but Time Warner down here has never consistently picked up the Bobcats broadcasting at all. 

When the Cats reached that TV deal 3 years ago, i thought things had changed and this would be my shot. but i was awfully wrong. 

the new TV deal made things worse, and where you once had to pay extra to watch Bobcats game, you no longer had any such option. 

so the streaming sites became super handy for people like me, who were unable to watch any type of broadcast regardless of how close i am to the team. 

now that these sites have been shut down, i may never be able to see a Bobcats game again this season (disregarding the 1 nationally televised game we have against Houston i think...), and that's very hurtful. 

I wish somebody at the front office would say "hey, we have a whole state that cant watch our game, our TV deal sucks, and this internet invention seems to be pretty useful... lets stream our games!", but who knows how much of a "hassle" that could be for a company. 

all im saying is that this could be the end to my appearances on the game threads, as with other fans like me who cant watch the games any other way. 

and i've tried LeaguePass--i still get blacked out because of "regional proximity". 

so Mr. Stern, PLEASE help one of your companies gain viewers, fans, and revenue. FIX THE TV PROBLEMS! 



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