Jordan HAS to have a plan in mind...

Obviously Jordan wasn't kidding when he said he wanted this team to be more than a 7th or 8th seed team. The departure of Wallace is one of two things: a salary dump only because he is desperate for money, or a salary dump to get us in position to get the wheels moving on a bigger deal. I believe it's the latter. I still think he is going after CP3. People have said this before, but I still think its very possible. With the new CBA, it will limit many teams from getting him.

Nets- No. Deron Williams

Heat- Too much money to the Big 3

Bulls- Rose

Celtics- Rondo

Magic- Gilbert...and no movable assets...will be screwed if  once Dwight leaves

Knicks- Possibly...but that would leave no money for rest of team....and the way the Heat are playing right now, that could make paul think twice about signing a long term deal that could end up the same way

I think the Bobcats have a real shot at making a trade for him this offseason. MJ has probably talked to Paul. I know Paul has mentioned wanting to play back home. So what do we offer? DJ and Diaw, plus the portland pick this year and give the hornets back their 2013 pick. Now our starting lineup would be CP3, Henderson, Jack, Tyrus, Kwame or a different center via Free Agency. That team would probably be better then last years team. Ok, so we are looking at 5th, 6th or 7th seed next year. And now we shift focus to our second objective: DWIGHT!

I know he has said he wants to remain with Orlando. I know its a pipe dream from HELL. But bare with me. This Orlando team he is on now is pretty good. If they don't do much in the playoffs, there really isnt any room for improvement. They are stuck with some horrible contracts (Gilbert/Hedu)!! Even with JRich coming off the books next year, they will be at $74 mill. Then if Dwight wants to sign an extension, it will be roughly the same amount that following year. So as much as Dwight hopes he can stay in Orlando, I doubt it happens. So where does he go?

The most logical trade I can see happening for him, is to the lakers for Bynum and picks. This isn't like the Melo deal. Melo couldn't afford to wait till Free Agency. With the new CBA and possible lockout, Denver lucked up and still had an upper hand. Either they got what they wanted or Melo didn't get his extension. Orlando has NO upper hand. Dwight can just walk. He doesn't need to demand a trade or pray he gets traded. But if he becomes a free agent, why Charlotte? Well by that time, Boston will have Garnett and Allen coming off the books with an aging Pierce for 1 more year. Intriguing? Yea playing with Rondo would be fun, but who's the rest of the team? Kobe would be 34 by then. Heat, Knicks, and Bulls aren't possibilities. This sounds funny, but it could come down to the Nets and Bobcats IF we have CP3. Thats a BIG "if" for us getting CP3 and Dwight making it to Free Agency. But if this was the case, why not come here? The ages are how old players would be in the 2013 season when Dwight hits free agency

C-Dwight (27)

PF-Tyrus (26)

SF- Jackson (34; He would have to sign back, but I'm sure he would if it meant playing with this squad)

SG- Henderson (25)

PG- CP3 (27)

Or....go to the Nets, where their supporting cast is Deron Williams and Morrow. They would have to trade Lopez. I don't know about you, but NOBODY would be able to drive on us with Tyrus and Dwight down low. Plus the lobs from PAul to Dwight would be amazing. Henderson has already showed signs of being pretty good. What's not to love if you were Dwight? To top it off, Paul Silas' contract would be expiring. Not that I want Silas gone, but we could hire Patrick Ewing as our coach. 

Long story short. Jordan is too competitive to just sit back and watch our team right now get killed. He doesn't want that. He wants to win like everybody else. So while I was pissed at him for trading Wallace, I hope to god it's because he has a great plan for the future. Like I said, part one is to get CP3. We will see what happens from there.

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