Damned or Blessed

This season has been one with many surprises, both good and bad. Some were seen coming, but not to the extent in which they happened. A couple of people that I have seen on this website are ready for us to be contracted. Do I blame them? No, I don't. This city has always been a fickle city, so I expect nothing else. To those people, I ask this simple question, are we damned, or are we actually blessed?

The Eastern Conference has had many great additions to the elite class. Miami went from mediocre to great, Chicago strengthened their team, some may say Boston has gotten a bit better, Philly has turned it on, as has Indiana. You may know where I am going with this, and then again you may not. Ultimately, where do the Bobcats fit in? Let us imagine that we live in a perfect world, which of course we do not. But if we did, we would be a number 7 or 8 seed, am I correct? Of course I am. So in this perfect world we are speaking of, what do we get out of being a number 7 or 8 seed? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!

We gain nothing from being the worst playoff team. The moves that have been made were neccessary, and although they are hated now, my gut feeling says that we wont in about 4 years. By that time Gana Diop's contract will be over, Jackson's contract will be done, as will Carroll's. Now that my friends, that means we will be sitting on money. Now where do you think that money will go? I doubt Jordan will be tight on his spending when we have an abundant amount of cash to use. So my thinking is this. New York will have limited cash in 2012. We will have a decent amount. There is this guy named Chris Paul ( yes, I know, we do not like to mention his name, but I need to for the article....SORRY!)  that will be a free agent. New York has been on his mind for quite some time now. But if they don't have the cash, would it not be nice for him to come home? I mean if I were an NBA player, I would want to play in my home state if my other options were crushed.

Now that we know what could happen down the road a couple of years, how about we look at the next couple of months. Odds are against us making the playoffs. Which is a blessing because that means we will have a top 15 pick, and a top 25 pick. Now we know what our needs are, why not look at what the possibilities are.

The following players fit positions we need, and will have expert analysis to go along with them:


1.) Enes Kanter- Top 5 ( is a reach, but might slide to us )


  • Tough, physical player
  • Very skilled, can do just about everything
  • Loves to draw contact in the paint
  • Crafty finisher at the basket
  • Can handle and pass
  • Has shooting range out to the three point line
  • 7-foot-1.25 wingspan and a solid 9-foot-0.5 standing reach
  •  2.) Patric Young- Lottery-Late first


  • Powerful defensive presence
  • NBA body and athleticism
  • Excellent rebounder and shot-blocker
  • Good motor
  • 3.)  Keith Benson- Late first-Early second ( Personal Favorite )


  • Long, lanky big man
  • Excellent athlete
  • Runs the floor really well
  • Good quickness and leaping ability
  • Good shooter with range out to 18 feet

    Small Forwards-

    1.) Derrick Williams- Top 10


  • Versatile forward
  • High basketball IQ
  • Solid perimeter game
  • Can play insider and out
  • Solid athlete
  • 2.) Jordan Hamilton- Lottery-Mid first

  • Polished scorer
  • Excellent shooter with deep range
  • Excellent running the floor
  • Good handle
  • Improving passer
  • Good rebounder
  • Not afraid to the dirty work
  • 3.) Tobias Harris- Second round-Undrafted

    No analysis was given, but I have watched this kid play. He is only 18 years old, and really reminds me of a mix between Nicolas Batum's defense and Danny Grangers offense. If I had to pick one NBA player to compare him to, it would be Granger.

    Shooting Guards-

    1.) Alec Burks- Mid First


  • Long, athletic 2 guard
  • Great scoring instincts
  • Can kill you in multiple ways
  • Excellent slasher
  • Explosive leaper and finisher around the baske
  • 2.) Vander Blue- Late First- Early Second


  • Explosive slasher
  • Super quick first step
  • Good passer
  • Very good lateral quickness
  • Excellent defender
  • Can defend both the one and the two
  • 3.) Travis Leslie- Late First


  • Super-athletic 2 guard
  • Explosive leaping ability
  • Excellent finisher around the basket
  • Puts on a dunk highlight reel on a nightly basis
  • Strong, can handle contact at the basket
  • Great motor
  • Good rebounder for a guard

    So, those are players that should be on our radar, now lets see what a perfect draft would look like

    First pick- Derrick Williams

    Second pick- Alec Burks

    Second round pick- Keith Benson

    Now, back to my original question, are we damned, or are we blessed? If this draft works out in our favor, and we get these three guys, we are in a great position to be a good team in no more than 5 years, even sooner depending on free agent acquistions.

    There is always a silver lining, sometimes it just needs to be polished off so that you can see it. Trading the face of the franchise is always hard, but what good does it do for us to keep him, and screech into the playoffs, when we can start over, and become a really scary team in the near future.

    All I ask is that if you jump ship, stay close by, because we will gladly pull you back on board when we execute our plan.

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