"What would it take to make Paul a Bobcat?"

The title of the article was borrowed from a Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer article that missed one point.
(Tom Sorensen Charlotte Observer Article published 4/20/11)

Lose the last game of the 2004-2005 season and Chris Paul was there for the taking for the Bobcats.




During the 2004-2005 season, New Orleans and Charlotte tied with the 2nd worst records in the NBA with 18-64 records.  It didn't have to be that way.  The Detroit Pistons with the 2nd best record in the conference were in town for the last game of the season.  The Bobcats went all out and scored a 9 point victory against the Pistons.  This left the Bobcats in a tie with New Orleans. Before the draft lottery, New Orleans and Charlotte had a coin flip to determine draft order should both miss out on the first three picks.  New Orleans won the flip.  Odds are that at least one of us would win one of the first three picks.  After all Charlotte and New Orleans were tied for the 2nd worst records in the NBA.  Atlanta was worst with a record of 13-69.

As the lottery balls were drawn, Milwaukee with the 6th worst overall record moved up and won the 1st pick in the draft.  The 2nd pick went to Atlanta.  Then Utah with the 4th worst record scored the #3 pick.  This left New Orleans with the 4th pick and Charlotte with the 5th pick.  The rest is history.

#1 Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut
#2 Atlanta - Marvin Williams
#3 Utah - Deron Williams
#4 New Orleans - Chris Paul
#5 Charlotte - Raymond Felton
#6 Portland - Martell Webster
#7 Toronto - Charlie Villanueva
#8 New York - Channing Frye
#9 Golden State - Ike Diogu
#10 LA Lakers - Andrew Bynum
#11 Orlando - Fran Vazquez
#12 LA Clips - Yaroslav Korolev
#13 Charlotte - Sean May
#14 Minnesota - Rashad McCants

Looking at 2005 draft, there were a few prizes and plenty of busts.  Picking Raymond Felton at #5 appears to have been a smart move at the time and even now.  If the Bobcats won the #2 pick we could have ended up with Marvin Williams.  Even the Sean May pick doesn't look as stupid considering the other NBA busts that were drafted around him.  There were rumors that New Orleans offered pick #4 for our picks #5 and #13.  Chis Paul was rated slightly ahead of Raymond Felton and the Bobcats wanted him.  However, the Bobcats weren't about to give up two high first round picks to take a chance that Chris Paul may become a better NBA player.

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