The Charlotte ___________?

Theres been reports that Owner Micheal Jordan has requested to the league for a name change.  After seeing a fan shot by Aykis16  it made me think,  what should we change our name to??  Something Logical? Something Clever? Or something just plain out Bada**!!!!

Theres been team names that make absolutely no sense for there location!!!

The Utah Jazz- seriously??? Jazz in Utah??? Good try.

The Los Angeles Lakers- Once again Seriously???Lakes in Los Angeles????Good try!!!

and finally the biggest one of them all.....

New Orleans Hornets - Not only do you have our franchise you have our franchise player!!! But thats a different story thats been covered on this blog.


One thing about the beautiful city of Charlotte is the reputation of class and southern hospitality that it has gained.  From that reputation it has gained many nicknames, that help makes this city great!

Nicknames such as:

The Queen City- Named after Princess Charlotte

City of Hornets- A nickname that we already had and used on our beloved franchise that was taken from us.

City of Trees- Due to the amount of beautiful trees in Charlotte, it gives you a feel of the country while being in the city.

So my question to you is if you could change the name of this on the rise franchise (like my rhyming skills?)  what would you change it to? Would you use a name that flows with our nickname or would you develop a brand new original name??

Heres a couple of Names I really like:

Charlotte Swarm
Charlotte Highlanders
Charlotte Knights
Charlotte Lumberjacks (lol)

So lets talk about this!!! Suggestions anything you would like to see!!! Any names you wouldn't mind for this Charlotte franchise!!

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