How's this for some FA targets this year?

All of these are worth a look with my belief that most would fill a role as a backup or specialist after we get a strong draft pick who will be a scoring cornerstone for our team at SF (Barnes or Terrance Jones).  We need some 3pt shooting to open up our penetration, considering our game will be built around drives that create FT and putback opportunities.  We also need some big men for depth purposes.  For all of these, the right price on the contract is the main issue.

Backcourt players:

Jonas Jerebko big SF: Injured all last year, but solid numbers and 3pt from the SF position.  He's 6'10" too. RFA from Detroit, but could be worth a look.

Reggie Williams SG/SF: 3pt specialist, strong scorer and good effort on D.  He's a RFA, but can we get him for the right price?

Derrick Brown SF:  We know what he can do, a minimum contract for a guy we know would be a good choice in my opinion. 

Marco Belinelli SG: 3pt specialist and good scorer.  

Marcus Thornton SG: Not likely we'd get him for the price we'd want, but he'd be an ideal 6th man for a long time.  Instant offense, low turnovers.  Likely to cash in on big year following trade to SAC, but you never know.

Patty Mills PG:  We need a 3rd point, and he's another short one with scoring abilities.

Kellena Azubuike SG/SF:  Patella surgery will keep him out for a while again this year, further lowering his asking price on the market.  But when healthy, Azubuike would be a great fit off the bench for scoring, 3pt shooting, and size.  His game is not built off speed and quickness, so his injury may not be a deal breaker.  Would he be looking at vet minimum following his injury history.  He would likely not be playing until late this year or next. 


And now, the big men: We already are strong here, but we do need to fill some holes.

Alexis Ajinca C: Don't laugh.  He'll likely be available for a vet minimum, but he's now 7'2" (according to ESPN), has bulked up a bit to 262, and now may have a solid 3 point shot?  He'll never be a star, but he is only 23. Again, for the right price, he could be worth a flier.  He should come cheap.

Greg Oden C:  We have our C of the future, right?  Well if Oden can be pulled away, again for the right price, imagine what we'd look like if he gets healthy.  Oden at C, Biyombo at PF, Tyrus giving 25-30 minutes off the bench.  Our interior D would be insane.  I think he's worth a look.  Keep in mind, other large young big men (Walton and Sam Bowie) wen't on to have solid careers after injury prone early seasons with Portland.

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