Would you do this trade? DJ, Tyrus to LAL and Diaw to ATL

This is based off of several rumors...Diaw being on the block and Hawks fans wanting Gasol and willing to give up Josh Smith to do so

This trade couldn't be done until March 1st due to McRoberts signing a recent contract with the Lakers though


Lakers trade: Gasol, Blake, Fisher, McRoberts, Mavs 1st, (Use their Trade Exception)

Lakers get: Josh Smith, Augustin, Tyrus, Hinrich, Zaza

C-Bynum/ Zaza

PF-Smith/ Tyrus

SF-Artest/ Barnes



Lakers do this because: they get 2 PG's that will help them sooo much better then Blake and Fisher...Augustin is playing great this year and would be an ideal fit with the Lakers...Hinrich will be good to go in early February and will add great defense to this backcourt and can play the 2 guard as well...until he's healthy, they can continue to run with Morris as the back up PG...Now as far as Gasol goes, yes he will be missed...BUT they turn him into THREE big bodies...Josh Smith will space out the floor more for Bynum and is a lot younger and cheaper then Gasol, plus tougher...Tyrus and Zaza will be great off the bench, providing rebounds and gritty defense

On a side note, if the Magic are desperate, they could still trade Bynum, picks and know Dwight would love playing with Josh Smith...that might not be enough for the Magic, but who knows???...Bynum has looked really good thus far this season

Hawks trade: Josh Smith, Zaza, Hinrich

Hawks get: Gasol, Diaw, Fisher

C-Gasol/ Diaw

PF-Horford/ Vlad


SG-Johnson/ TMac


Hawks do this because: they get Gasol! This adds size to the front court that the Hawks have been needing...Gasol would look great beside another great thing about this trade is that they add Diaw, who could fill in at PF while Horford is out for the next couple months...I've seen a lot of people say a Josh Smith/Teague for Gasol trade...but this allows them to keep their up and coming PG...losing Zaza wont be too bad, cuz once Horford comes back, Diaw can play the back up PF or Center spot...this is a win now trade obviously for the Hawks

Bobcats trade: Augustin, Diaw, Tyrus

Bobcats get: Blake, McRoberts, Mavs 1st




SG-Henderson/Reggie Williams


Bobcats do this because: they are making more roster moves for a complete rebuild...Diaw is already on the block...not cuz he's bad, cuz he isnt motivated...he knows this isn't a playoff team...on the Hawks, I think the versatile Diaw will be be back to his old self...also, while losing their best player in Augustin, they know they have to with Kemba as the future...they get Mavs 1st rounder and Steve Blake, whose contract is fine and can move to backup whenever Kemba is ready to start...McRoberts is looking solid this year and I think could find a nice role on this team...not to mention, they get to move Tyrus' contract, leaving their amnesty clause for Gana Diop or Magette if they want to use it on either of them

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