Draft Options Discussions: Harrison Barnes

I had an idea I want to start every once in awhile make a fanpost about a potential Bobcats player and get the communities opinion on said player. I kind of got the Idea from Panthertrain and his Draft Flavor of the Week over at our brother site Cat Scratch Reader. I really want to see everyones honest opinions on each playerm I really do not want to see any bias opinions from people who dont like the player or the school whether you hate the player or the school I want to see what your opinion is just on him as a basketball player. I want your opinion on what kind of player he is and how you think it will translate to the NBA and what your NBA player comparison for the player is and your predicted stats for the player in the NBA and if you think he will be a Supertstar, All-Star, Starter, Role Player, or Bust. Of course these threads can also be used to talk about other players you want or would rather have but I will eventually get to them because I do plan on eventually going over evrey potential lottery pick and I would go over players outside the lottery because I still hope we make the playoffs but since we traded our pick to Chicago they get it if we dont make the playoffs. I will also not have any certain time I will post these it will pretty much be random. Sorry for typing so much before the jump but for this first one I just wanted to explain everything. For this edition of Draft Options Discussions we will discuss University of North Carolina Small Forward Harrison Barnes.

Harrison Barnes last year was one of the premiere players in college and expected to be a high draft pick this year but so far he has degressed in his sophmore season and some are questioning whether or not he should even be a top 5 pick now. Alot of ROF members who were strong supporters last year of Barnes have stayed true to there desires for Barnes but others are becoming hesitant and rightly so. Whenever a player struggles thier second year in college you have to atleast acknowledge it and try and figure out why. Maybe it is due to the fact that Tyler Zellar and John Hanson have became better players this year and it is throwing Barnes off, or it could just simply be a bad year, or off court issues.

I am a supporter of Barnes because I believe he can be a All-Star caliber player in the NBA. Is he a LeBron or Durant no but he can be a Bosh or Stoudamire. I think that Barnes could easily be a 20+ PPG scorer in the NBA which is something this team needs.

One big issues for Harrison Barnes is some people say he cannot make his own shot. We need to think about how that would fit with our whole team, we already have a player in Gerald Henderson who struggles to create his own shot so can we have two starting players who need help making thier shiots? But whether you think he can or cannot he can score which with Henderson and Bismack two players who will not be big scoring threats being future starters for us we need to fill up the rest of the gaps with players who can score and we have one filled with Kemba Walker.

Harrisons Barnes stats so far this season: 17 PPG- 4.8 RPG- 48% FG%- 48% 3PT%- 1 SPG- 1.2 APG-0.4 BPG

Here are more statistic details:

Draft SIte Analysis:


My NBA Comparison: Danny Granger

** Just to be clear this is not to imply I have given up on the season I am just excited about the future and wanted to discuss. If you are one of the people that does not like discussing the draft this early then just dont comment because I dont want you to ruin it for some people who are just excited about the future like me and want to talk about it.

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