Open House 2012/2013 and my top-10 reasons for why I am excited about this season!

It's been a while, 'Cats fans! A long, eventful off-season has seen us bring in 5 new faces, all of which provide the 'Cats with better over-all depth. With the Braves season coming to an abrupt end last night, and the Panthers already a quarter way through there season, the NBA is finally ready to shine once again. (At least, it is in my household. Some may believe baseball, football, or what have you, is better than the NBA, and everyone is entitled to their opinions.)

With all that said, OPEN HOUSE is today! While I won't be able to personally attend, I was wondering if any of my fellow 'Cats fans would be attending? Does anyone see any major changes being done to the court? If anyone goes, could you post a picture of any changes there might be?

After the jump, I will give my own personal top 10 reasons why I am excited for the season!

Didn't you hear? The Miami Heat finally got lucky and won LeBron his first ring. Okay, I know, I know, he is pretty good...that said, the Lakers have suddenly become even more formidable (on paper, at least) than the Heat! Should be a great season, and although I am a 'Cats fan, here's to STEVE NASH getting his first ring! I mean, if LeBron can finally do it, it should be a piece of cake for Nash this season, right? Now, onto the top 10!
  1. Maggette is gone! While he wasn't the absolute worse player on our team last season, he was no where near the best. I'll miss the bricks from three, they were fun. Good luck to him this year, though!
  2. DJs are gone! While I won't exactly miss them, they did help net us the #1 #2 overall pick this past draft, which we'll address down the, thanks, guys! -Note, I was never a big fan of either of them, so my opinion may be a bit skewed.
  3. Mullens will no longer be looking to launch super-long 2 pointers! I am so looking forward to him trying to hit more from 3, but even more importantly, I am looking forward to his improved post-play. Hopefully, Dunlap teaches the young man how to REBOUND! Speaking of Dunlap....
  4. I can not wait to see how the team plays under coach Dunlap. While I scratched my head at the hire early on, the man seems to know his basketball. He's already impressed me with the way he's worked with our #2 pick that I mentioned early, as he has improved his shot vastly compared to the last time I saw him shoot. (Maybe that's just me, though.)
  5. The 'Cats finally have one of my favorite players....RAMON SESSIONS! I know, I know..he's not the greatest PG in the game. I just have a soft spot for underrated players, and that is exactly what Sessions is. Make no mistake about it, the man can ball. I can't wait to see him on the floor this season!
  6. Kemba is entering his second season, and has a coach willing to let him loose. I can't wait to see improvement out of him, as I believe all of our injuries last season kept him from having more success being a facilitator. I believe the PG position with both Kemba and Sessions is MILES above what we had last season with DJ and Kemba. Did I mention I wasn't really a fan of DJ?
  7. Our bench is actually going to look like an NBA bench this year! No matter who starts between Kemba and Sessions, the PG position is set. The bench could look like this: Kemba/Sessions, Gordan/Williams, Taylor, Mullens/Thomas (who knows who will start at the 4?), Haywood/Biyombo (just like the 4, who knows who will start at the 5? I hope that Haywood does, just so he can show Biyombo a thing or two). How's that look compared to what we had come off the bench last season from spots 2 through 5 (and occasionally 1, when DJ was hurt)? Can you say improvement? I can!
  8. I can't believe I got this far without noting the new jerseys - but, have you seen them? While they aren't the best in the world, I like them. Here's to hoping new jerseys equal more wins!
  9. I know, I know. How could I go this far without mentioning our two rookies? First, Taylor. While he isn't going to be the type to explode offensively (although I do think he has that type of potential as a streak-shooter), he could be what the 'Cats have been missing lately: a spot-up three point shooter. He has a smooth stroke, and I expect to see big things from him defensively. Speaking of a defensive rookie...
  10. MKG! I can not say that I have been more excited to see a rookie player than I am right now. I am a realist, so I don't expect MKG to average huge numbers his first season...that said, I DO expect big things from him defensively, as well as in the hustle category. He is the hard-working, do-what-ever-it-takes-to-win kind of player we have been missing. I believe the team will rally behind his competitiveness and that we will see an exciting, as well as more competitive, team all-around.

Well, that does it for me. So let's here it, what are you all looking forward to?! GO 'CATS!

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