Rebuilding the Bobcats-Cavs way then Thunder way

Bobcats suck they should blow up the ENTIRE roster. Cavs way is the best way to receive lottery picks. Thunder's way is the best way to build a team

Cavs took on Baron Davis for an unprotected 1st. Look at the results. Kyrie Irving will be in the next class of superstars. Thunder have 2 superstars and a shot at the title this year and who what of thought of it 4 years ago.

Cavs model

Here are some trades I came up with

New Jersey adds Shawn Williams too but he can't be traded so I couldn't include him until March 1 adds 2012 Houston 1st

New Jersey is trying to get rid of Petro /Farmer/Williams to make room for more free agents when they sign Dwight.

Next Detroit sends back unprotected 2013 1st. Detroit would do this deal in a heartbeat.

Next Lakers add Dallas 1st

Last trade(draft day) New Orleans adds their own 2012 and 2016 picks Bobcats send Houston and Dallas 1st picks It costs a lot to move up it would cost tons to move up with Davis Stern

Bobcats trade Maggette to a team over the cap since be since there are going to be harsh penalties starting that year ,for a 1st

OKC Model

Bobcats would have 2 picks in 2012 4 in 2013.

2012 draft Anthony Davis and Harrison Barnes in 2012.

2012 off season resign DJ White 3 years 9 million

2013:Bobcats trade their pick I project 4th or 5th and Portland's pick to move up and select Nerlens Noel. Last trade Bobcats trade Detroit and Maggette picks to move up and select Austin Rivers.

2013 off season give Stephen Curry the max resign Darius Morris 3 years 6 million resign Austin Daye 3 years 13 million resign Mullens 3 years 15 million

2013-2014 cap at 61million

2013-2014 Bobcats line up

pg Stephen Curry/Darius Morris

sg Austin Rivers/Ben Gordon

sf Harrison Barnes/Trevor Ariza /Austin Daye(we trade Ariza)

pf Anthony Davis/DJ White/Charlie Villunova

c Nerlens Noel/BJ Mullens

Rest of the roster players from Maggette trade

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