3 team trade scenario with the Rockets and Lakers

Here's what each team convey:

Rockets - Big Man

Lakers - Point Guard

Bobcats - Any kind of offense

Rockets Trade: Kevin Martin, Johnny Flynn, Luis Scola, and Hasheem Thabeet

Rockets Receive: Pau Gasol, Boris Diaw, and Matt Barnes

Lakers Trade: Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes

Lakers Receive: Luis Scola, Hasheem Thabeet, and DJ Augustin

Bobcats Trade: DJ Augustin and Boris Diaw

Bobcats Receive: Kevin Martin and Johnny Flynn

Why would each team would do this trade?

Rockets: It is no surprise that the Rockets have been looking for a star caliber big man to build around since Yao Ming retired with his foot injuries. Pau Gasol is one of the top centers in the NBA and with 3 years left in his contract and at 31 years of age, he will be off the books right if his age catches up to him. Moving Kevin Martin could also unleash some of the talent that are backed up in the Rockets bench, as well as ridding themselves of a defensive liability. Getting Boris Diaw will give them yet another option at the pf position, but more importantly he is in his contract year and it will free up some cap space as he will be off the books and take all $9 mil off the cap. Matt Barnes is a complementary piece that will give the team some fire of the bench.

Lakers: They are in big need of a point guard right now, so much of a need that they are even looking at Gilbert Arenas and Rafer Alston. While there will be a drop off by losing Pau Gasol, they will get a much better PG in DJ Augustin. The Lakers will also receive Luis Scola and Hasheem Thabeet from the Rockets whom will help shore up the front lines after losing Gasol. Scola can almost match Gasol's scoring ability at the PF position and move Bynum to the Center position.

Bobcats: This team is the most offensively challenged team in the league. Some of this is attributed to injuries, but much of this is simply due to the lack of offensive talent. Although Kevin Martin is one of the worst defensive players in the league not named Carmelo Anthony, Martin is absolutely a lethal weapon on the offensive end. Unlike most high scoring players who holds on to the ball, Martin is one of the best in the league at moving around the floor without the ball which could help Kemba Walker out a lot. By adding Johnny Flynn they will fill the void at the backup pg position left by DJ Augustin. Boris Diaw at this point is probably seen by the league as just an expiring contract, the guy plays with no sense of urgency and is very laissez-faire on the court. Bobcats fans would be excited just to see him gone.

I tried this trade on ESPN NBA Trade Machine and all the numbers check out fine. Let me know your thoughts.

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