Came across a Warriors fan trade that has us helping them get Dwight

I happen to be reading trade rumors and a Warrior's fan came up with this:

Warriors trade Stephen Curry/Kwame Brown/Dorrell Wright/Ekpe Udoh/Jeremy Tyler/max cash
Gets Dwight Howard/Glen Davis )

Magic trade Dwight Howard/Hedo Turkoglu/Chris Duhon/Glen Davis
Gets Kemba Walker/Boris Diaw/Dorrell Wright/Tyrus Thomas/Kwame Brown/Ekpe Udoh/2012 Bobcats 2nd/2013 Portland 1st 3.46 tpe(from us)

Bobcats trade Boris Diaw/Tyrus Thomas/Kemba Walker/2012 2nd/2013 Portland 1st
Gets Stephen Curry/Hedo Turkoglu/Chris Duhon/Jeremy Tyler

What do you guys think? I would love Steph and to get rid of Tyrus's contract. His contracts is a little over 1 million more than Hedo's. I really don't want over 20 million at 1 position but it's likely that we trade Maggette next season. This also wouldn't affect our number 1 draft status after looking at our schedule and our competition schedules. I would rather build a roster from scratch with Curry/Davis than Walker/Davis. I added all the salaries including the #1 pick and White's q.o. but I don't think we should since Jamison wants to play 2 years here our salary will be at over 54 million next season. It's been rumored that next season cap is 61 million. That's a little over 7 million next year with White's offer and 10 million w/o it. It also includes Diop's and Carroll options too.

They gave a reasonable excuse why the Magic would bite at this. 1st they get rid of 3 of their 4 horrible contracts. Next they will go from having the highest pay roll to 8 million below the cap and 20 million next year. They also will likely get a lotto pick in this deep draft and have a high pick to take one of the top 4 center prospects next year.

Warriors want a superstar at any cost and are ready to blow up their roster. They will have tons of cap space next year if Dwight walks that's said to be their front office thinking.

I honestly think this is a trade to help all 3 teams with their rebuilding process.

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