More trade ideas...I KNOW, I KNOW!!

But there is just nothing else good to talk or even think about in Rufusland. So I have randomly concocted a 3-team trade scenario where we deal w/Houston and Boston. Both teams have been rumored to be shopping....and this trade could work.

The nature of trades, is one that includes having to deal players that surely have fan followings and skills. Unfortunate it is, but no move makes EVERYBODY happy, right? So with grains of salt....why these teams might consider:

Bobcats- Lose: Hendo/Tyrus/Najera. Acquire: Jermaine O'Neal/TWill/Johnny Flynn/JaJuan Johnson.

We lose a fan favorite in Hendo, but get rid of the TT contract w/o having to use the amnesty. O'Neal becomes the vet center (on an expiring) that Diop is the antithesis of. TWill has to try to fill Hendo's shoes. Flynn becomes insurance should a DJ move arise. JaJuan is a good PF prospect that can positively contribute now.

Possible Depth Chart:

PG: DJ/Kemba/Flynn

SG: TWill/RWill/Matty

SF: Maggs/RWill/UPS

PF: Diaw/White/JJJ

C: O'Neal/Biz/Mully

Lots of versatile guys. The Wills can play SF/SG and one can be Kemba's co-6th man (does that make sense?) Lots of possible lineups w/ the bigs (Biz/Mully/JJJ/etc).

Celtics- Lose: O'Neal/JaJuan Johnson/Keyon Dooling. Acquire: Tyrus/Hendo.

Boston gets a young SG who is a great defender and athlete to add to their aging lineup. A future backcourt of Rondo and Hendo could be the best defensive duo in the league. With Ray Allen older and on the last year of his contract, SG is going to be a need. And for some reason, Boston seems like the kind of place that would not only be best for TT, but they might actually be interested?!?! Again youth, but betting on him and his large $ comes with the Hendo piece.

Rockets- Lose: Flynn/TWill. Acquire: Najera/Dooling.

Houston gets two expiring contracts that free up $5 million this offseason. The TWill/Flynn combo have another year left on their deals. If they are riding the pine...get em gone! Shoot, we will even throw in THE Cory Higgins. Maybe having Boston include a 2nd rounder (present or future) will ice their cake. And dangit, Celts, you owe us. You've got our Hendo!!

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