No, I did not make this petition or have been involved in any way in initiating the movement. I came across this while searching for the Bobcats on twitter today.

While I agree with the reasoning behind it, I feel it is ill-conceived considering I recently read that Stern said the Hornets are about to be sold to a new owner who will have be required by agreement to remain in New Orleans for years to come. If this is the case, the odds of the Hornets name ever coming back to Charlotte went from slim to none.

Regardless, I support the movement for reasons stated in the other thread. At least if there is enough support for the movement, they will re-evaluate the brand situation and we may get a name with a more local feel that will engage even casual fans.

Again, no matter what I'm a Charlotte fan, regardless of the name, but I truly believe this will help our team now and in the future if we re-brand.

Anyway, here are the links...