The Backup Plan

Anthony Davis of Kentucky is a BEAST. This much we know. And by "we", I mean any person that has watched college basketball at all this year. At 6'10 and 220 lbs, Davis is a little thin at this point, but still has the "natural potential" to grow taller and add more weight to his frame. Even if he doesn't grow anymore, he's still big and athletic enough to be a game changer in the NBA. He is already stellar on defense and has a nice little offensive game to go with it (not great, but better than most big men). Either way, he's done enough to make himself stand head and shoulders above the rest of his draft class. The Bobcats, as all teams that are picking high in the lottery (Wizards, Hornets, Blazers (via Nets), and Raptors) are hoping to land the top pick and land Davis to begin building the franchise around. We're certainly in the best position to pick him up, based on us being the worst team in the league (which I don't expect to change over the duration of the season) and having the most ping pong balls, but as with everything else in life excluding taxes and death, nothing is promised.

The history of the lottery shows that the entire process is just that, a lottery. It's the reason that a team like the Chicago Bulls who bareley missed the playoffs the year before were able to land the number 1 pick and select Derrick Rose, who has Chicago at the top of the east with the Heat and are thinking championships these days. But that's another story in itself. This story is about the doomsday scenario the Bobcats could potentially encounter during the draft, the one that ends up with us not having the top pick in the draft. Ladies and gentleman, have you prepared yourself for "The Backup Plan"?

Michael Kidd Gilchrist - MKG would fill a position of need (SF, Corey Maggette won't be here too much longer) but doesn't have quite the scoring punch that I think we would be looking for. I don't know if Kidd-Gilchrist will ever be a star, or an all-star in the league (certainly qualities you hope to get from a top 5 pick), but at the very least, he should be a solid NBA player and one of the safer bets in the top of the draft outside of Anthony Davis.

My Projections: Best Case Gerald Wallace - Worst Case Wilson Chandler

Thomas Robinson - The thing about Robinson is that he's basically Bismack 2.0. Not in the way they play, but their body size. Either way, Robinson should also be a safe bet to be at the very least a good player in the league and would immediately become our best player in the post (even better than D.J. White!!!). Although I do like the Biyombo-Robinson pairing on paper, I do have concerns about his ability to mesh with Biyombo because of their skillsets. Add to that, he's only 6-9. This won't stop him from being a good player, but our front court would still be undersized compared to most good teams in the league. Would that stop you?

My Projection: Best Case Zach Randolph - Worst Case Amir Johnson

Bradley Beal -Beal looks like he could be someone's future starting SG at this point. Well, who wouldn't want that? Us? Why? Because we have Gerald Henderson? Although Henderson has been playing better as of late, I still think his best role would be off of the bench, coming in to lock down someone if they are getting out of hand with their scoring or just to provide fresh legs. Also meaning, I don't believe we should pass up on Beal if we are put in position to take him and everyone else on our wish list is gone. You take your choice here with moving Henderson in a trade (which I don't think we would receive proper value for) or let them both play together and work it out that way. I prefer the latter, but I'm with Focus in saying that if an upgrade is there at any position, we really need to take it. The only question is, how much better than Henderson would the front office and fans consider Beal to be? Better scorer? He absolutely should be. Better player? It's hard for me to say at this point when Beal hasn't played in an NBA game yet.

My Projections: Best Case Eric Gordon - Worst Case Daequan Cook

Andre Drummond- Drummond, if we miss out on Davis, I think would be the best choice for US with our team being in the position we are. He is only 18 years old, and is 6'11 and 275 lbs with more room to grow. This would solve the issue of us having a very undersized front court (when paired with Biyombo) and would give us a center we could deem our center of the future, but there are a couple of concerns I have with that.....Biyombo, I think would be better as a center considering his lack of skillset on the offensive end of the ball, and Drummond also wouldn't come in and make our team instantly better as some of the other picks would probably be able to do. Either way, I still think Drummond would be our best consolation prize.

My Projections: Best Case Andrew Bynum - Worst Case Joel Anthony

Cody Zeller - Zeller is an engima to me at this stage. At some points, I see Joakim Noah when I watch him play. At other times, I see Jeff Foster. He'll more than likely be somewhere in the middle when all is said and done (which would still be a pretty good player), but I'm not sure if a top 4 pick would be the spot to grab him at. This also takes us back to trying to integrate more power forward skills into Bismack's game. Zeller deserves his credit though. He and Tyler both were beasting this year.

My Projections- Best Case Joakim Noah - Worst Case Chris Anderson

Harrison Barnes - Man, oh man, oh man. What happened to this kid? More and more everyday, he looks more like Marvin Williams/Travis Outlaw than the second coming of Dwayne Wade we've always thought/wanted him to be. Definately hasn't done enough to warrant being a top 4 pick to me. I actually think he would be better staying in school another year, but at the least he could still provide a scoring punch to our team who desperately need it.

My Projections: Best Case Danny Granger - Worst Case Travis Outlaw

After evaluating our picks should we not land the top pick to take Davis, I'm thinking that it may be best to make other moves instead of just trying to implement our pick into our team. These other moves? Trading the pick for more lottery picks or even moving someone on our roster to make room for the new draftee (which may include trading Hendo, or even Bismack! yikes). Either way, let's all just remember that the main thing we all want to do is see this team win. Who do you suggest we should take with our backup plan?

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