It's March! Ideas for the rebuilding process(everyone's are welcome)

It's March and the tourney and draft are on the way. The next 3 drafts our crucial to our team's rebuilding process. My theory involves us taking on salary for draft picks but if you read Higgins and Cho's recent interview they want to do it too.

The Draft

We all know the clear cut #1 is Davis, but if we don't get the # 1 then Barnes should be our next pick since we need scoring. I think we could easily get the Houston pick from the Nets. After the tournament and the prospects improve their stocks and this has been hyped up to be the best draft in a long time, gms will be very reluctant to trade picks but the Nets want cap space. We should trade our assets for 2013 1st picks.(DJ, Diaw and Hendo).

My Ideas Detroit adds 2 2nd rounders

and Phoenix adds 2013 unprotected pick, Bobcats add 2012 2nd/Clippers add 2 2nds We take Petro in our tpe. Nets give us Rockets 1st. We gain 11 million. 2013 Lakers 1st. Lakers don't want to use their tpe and their 2 draft picks this year and they are not playing McRoberts. We gain 3 million but McRoberts could likely be traded to a contender for a few 2nds and an exception. Minny gives us Utah's 1st. Miller has a team option so we don't take on any salary.

Our salary will be at $60,855,218(with 1st Detroit trade) cap rumored to be 61 million. 63,916,379 with 2nd trade. Maggette,Diop,Farmer,Williams,Petro all expire after next season we would have 32.2 or 38.9 million in expirings next year.

I say take Terrance Jones with the Rockets pick. He led Kentucky that far with only Brandon Knight. He plays pf now but he is just like Davis is out of position on a stack team 2 or 3 years ago.

In the 2013 draft there are 4 players I am very high on: Drummond/Muhammad/Noel/Rivers.

Drummond has said he's coming back, yeah I know he said that about high school then signed with UConn but they way the scouts and gms few him he needs to come back. He would likely be the # 1 pick next year.

Muhammad has been the projected #1 pick since 2 or 3 years ago, but that could change if Drummond stays. He is a pure scorer with a reliabe jumper, but he is currently an average defender and doesn't create that much opportunity for his team mates.

Noel is basically a taller Anthony Davis. I definitely wouldn't mind having a 3 man rotation of Davis/Biyombio/Noel, nobody would get into the paint the whole game.

Rivers just like Drummond is a disappointment this season,he needs another year to work on his game also.

In the 2013 draft an ideal combination of Drummond/Muhammad/Noel/Rivers would be amazing. It usually cost 3 1st rounders to move up in the top 5.

We could trade the Utah pick for a pick in 2014 since the Bulls may take the pick or a veteran. I honestly wouldn't mind packaging one or 2 of our expirings/Utah pick maybe Biyombio for Curry and Biedrins.

The con of my idea is the fact that they all would be due extensions at the same time,but MJ has said he wouldn't mind spending money for a winner.

So what's you guys rebuilding ideas?

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