Can Kemba+Hendo get us a top 5 pick? Would you want it?

Do you guys thank a package of Kemba, Gerald, Portland pick and future 1sts land us a top 5 pick this year? Would you be upset if Cho and MJ do it? Me personally would be ecstatic! So we would need to atleast acquire a late lottery pick to really intrigue a team picking in the top 5. Maybe Utah would give us the #14 for Henderson, Ford has them taking Lilard and they are extremely high on their young talent so I don't see them taking another rookie to ruin the development of Burks or Hayward and most of their wings are free agents.

Then we could buy a late 1st. I think the Thunder's is definitely up for sale, their 2013-2014 salary is 34 million w/o Westbrook's new salary in it and they would be stupid not to resign both. Harden and Ibaka's extension would likely put them over the tax so I could see them selling their picks to pay for luxury tax since they are in a really small market. So then after that we offer a team in the top 5 the #14,#29,Kemba,Portland 1st,next available 1st.

Utah wanted 3 1st and a high 2nd for the 3rd last year so I think 4 1st and a young pg with some kind of upside in a pg weak draft could get it done.

Our chances with each lottery team. You never know the order. This obviously doesn't include the #1 pick.

Wizards- Very low chance unless they like someone who would be crazy to take in the top 5, or if they are desperate to unload Blatch and Lewis.

Hornets- I'm very unsure about the Hornets mainly because of Stern. They really offered the Pistons Carl Landry for Jason Maxiel and the Pistons 1st unprotected pick this year. On the other hand they could get their pg and a combination of 2 of Sullinger/Jones III/Lamb then a center like Ezeli .We would most likely have to take back both Emeka and Ariza

Raptors- They wanted Kemba last year but they decided to go with a tough European c which they desperately needed more. It may intrigued the Raptors to get Kemba and Terrance Jones or Perry Jones to play the 3 since they like versatile players. I think it's a 50% chance.

Blazers- I really think we could get the Nets pick out the Blazers especially if Drummond goes back or if Drummond stays I don't really thank they would want to take a risk on another big man with that much ifs. They could have Kemba to fill their pg need and could get Lamb with their own pick to get that athletic sg they want badly then take Meyers Leonard with the 14th and still have another pick to add depth or an asset with their 2 2nds. Also the really tried to move up and get Kemba last year.

Kings-No chance

Cavs-No chance but they do want to gain future picks but I just can't see them trading down this year.

Pistons- Already has their back court of the future so no need for Kemba.

Warriors-(If the keep it)-No chance at all. They want a lottery pick.

Bucks are losing money badly and they probably would trade down if it involves removing Gooden and Mbah a Moute contracts together. Kemba good be good insurance since Jennings said what he said.

Suns- I really pray the Suns jump up. They are so cheap and stupid at drafting. This package and taking back any 2 of Childress, Frye and Warrick could definitely get it done with them.

Nuggets- I have no clue what they are doing after trading Nene for Mr. Not so top 10

Jazz- If Warriors move up then it really screws up the whole plan.

Rockets would probably take Drummond if they move up but if he stays I could see them moving down for a c and then packaging Kemba with 1 of their gut of pfs for an upgrade at the 2.

My dream 2012 draft scenario would be Anthony Davis,Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,John Jenkins but any combination of Davis/Kidd-Gilchrist/Robinson/Beal/Drummond/Barnes and a scoring 2 with the 2nd would be amazing.

The teams for sure I think we could trade with are the Suns and Blazers.

The iffy teams are the Hornets, Raptors,and Bucks.

I think acquiring another top 5 pick in the best draft in awhile is a good sign to us fans from management. Trading Kemba and Gerald are the only way for us to acquire another pick or a decent piece to our future. I think if we trade Kemba, give DJ a reasonable extension, and put some talent around him(lottery picks) he could have a Lowry and Conley jr improvement.

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