So What Exactly Do We Do With Boris Diaw?


So, the Fat Man, aka Mr. Segway, aka Mr. What's An Open Shot, aka, ok, I'll stop, Boris Diaw wants out of Charlotte. That's understandable. For years, I've wanted him out of Charlotte as well so there is a part of me that is absolutely thrilled about this development. However, there is also a part of me that feels that we won't get sufficient value for, as everyone around here knows, a player with one of the best "skillsets" for a big man in the league.

Diaw's inconsistency flat out pisses me off sometimes because it's extremely hard to tell if he's even trying or not on most nights. Usually, I'm one to give the player the benefit of the doubt because it's a lot of the times unfair to say a player isn't playing hard. But with Diaw, like Focus would say, we always KNEW what he could do, but he just rarely did it.

Before I dive into the rosterbation on which this thread would inevitably be based on (you knew it was coming), let me first give Diaw his props. He has been the most durable Bobcat since being here, he's been the most consistent threat on our team throughout the years to post triple doubles, and he has never been anything close to a black hole on offense. For all of the hate that he receives, Diaw, in my eyes, is still actually a decent player. And wherever he is moved, like Focus also says, he won't be nearly as bad as he's been here in the past few months. That's what I'm thinking at least. Either way, his time here will no doubt end within the next two weeks, but it's still hard to tell exactly what we're going to do with him. Here are some options I think are pretty decent/realistic.

We Trade Him

This is the option we're all hoping for because ultimately it means that we would get some type of value from one of the very few players in the league who can really play every position on the floor. Not particularly effective, but you'll never see Chris Paul playing center or Dwight Howard running the point, Diaw has done it all. Boris' contract is off the books at the end of the year for $9 million which in most years would make him a valuable trade piece. And in theory, he actually is still a VERY valuable trade piece. A decent vet on an expiring big money deal is always a good deal. HOWEVER, what's considered a "good deal" to the Bobcats this year hasn't been the same as in year's past which again refelects the significant overhaul of strategy the front office has made since this rebuilding project began. Instead of players under long term deals, we're now only interested in salary cap space (which letting Diaw expire provides), draft picks, and young propsects. The only problem with that is with the new changes in the CBA, almost every team is interested in the exact same thing. Unlike most of the other teams with cap space this year, I think it would be wise to go ahead and remove ourselves from the Deron Williams and Dwight Howard chase, and possibly take on more cap next year in exchange for Diaw if it means we can get a draft pick out of the deal. Peep my logic as a search the league for potential partners and deals.


Anybody remember Skinny Boris? He's like a hidden character in a video game.

Atlanta Hawks: There aren't really many potential deals I see with the Hawks. They could do a player for player swap of Kirk Hinrich for Diaw, but I really don't see the point in that. A deal that could be interesting though is Boris for Marvin Williams and a first round pick. Though I'm not sure Atlanta is that desperate to get rid of salary, it would be a good opportunity to get Williams off the books while having a familiar big man to replace the injured Al Horford in the short term. Williams, though not worth his contract, is still a pretty young guy who would at the least would fill a void on the wings. However, the length of his contract (player option in 2013/14), would make it vital for us to receive nothing less than a first round pick for the swap.

Boston Celtics: Boston has nothing we really want and Boris really doesn't fit a need there. He won't be traded to Beantown.

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls are set on their roster and believes it can win a championship as currently constructed. No way Diaw ends up in the Windy City.

Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavs already have their own versatile PF on a bigger expiring contract with Antwan Jamison, there is no deal to be made here either.

Dallas Mavericks: Things can get somewhat interesting if the Mavs decide to move Lamar Odom. Odom's contract isn't fully guaranteed, but it would do the Mavs better to fully eliminate that obligation from the cap next year through a trade. Odom is reportedly desperate to get back in L.A. and I doubt Dallas is willing to give up anything else of value for Odom considering they already trade a 1st round pick to get him. But if we can faciliate a three team deal between us, the Mavs, and the Clippers or Lakers, I could see us getting involved. Ship Boris to Dallas, Odom to either L.A. squad, and then us picking up rubbage (Metta World Peace, Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Maurice Williams) along with a draft pick. I'm not sure the Lakers won't Odom back or if the Clippers feel any pressure to get rid of Williams, but if they plan to be a player in free agency at all this year, they just might.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are in a fairly good position as a franchise, but have a couple contracts they may want to peddle off with Al Harrington and Chris Anderson. They also have Andre Miller who has made it clear that he wants to be a starter, a position Ty Lawson has sewn up in Denver. So, maybe something like D.J. Augustin and Boris for Andre Miller, Chris Anderson, and a 1st round pick or a couple of 2nd rounders? I think there is potential with Denver for a deal to be made.

Detroit Pistons: Detroit is another team with a few troublesome contracts who may secretly be desperate enough to deal away a pick for a team to take one of their hands. Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, two players that could help us on the court immediately come to mind. Gordon has a $13.2 million player option in 13/14', Charlie's is sitting at $8.58. Maybe Detroit would do Charlie and a 1st rounder for Boris to rid themselves of what has clearly turned out ot be a mistake. With Detroit being a lottery team year in and year out without a solid plan in sight, their pick could end up being a very valuable one. Joe Dumars may not be ready to admit his mistake and a 1st round pick may be a steep price to undo it, but if they called with that deal, I'd certainly listen.

Golden State Warriors: The only potential deal I see on this roster would be Boris in a straight up swap for Andris Biedrins and a 1st round pick. No doubt, under our old front office methods, this deal, minus any draft considerations, is the type of deal we would make. But if we can pluck a draft pick out of the lottery bound Warriors to take a center who has at times throughout his career been starter quality, man oh man.

Houston Rockets: The Rockets are in great position. Every player that they have with an inflated contract opposed to their production is on a team option giving them the option to part ways with them as they please. Their "dedicated" core is based around Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola, and Kevin Martin. There is no deal to make here.

Indiana Pacers: Would Indy want to deal away Danny Granger or David West to save cap space? Hell no. No deal to be made here.

L.A. Clippers: As mentioned above, we could make a deal of Boris for Maurice Williams, but he's still a useful player and L.A. would probably want to do a straight up swap if anything. No deal to make here, unless they are ready to get rid of DeAndre Jordan, which doesn't appear to be likely.

L.A. Lakers: Also as mentioned above, we could take on World Peace, Walton, or Blake in exchange for a pick, but I don't think a deal with the Lakers is in the works. Though with D.J. Augustin added to the trade package, there is reason to think there is potential there for a dealt to be made.

Memphis Grizzlies: No deals here to be made with the Grizzlies. They aren't looking to slash salaries. They had their chance this summer and resigned Marc Gasol and didn't use the amnesty on Rudy Gay. They are ring chasing at this point. No deals.

Miami Heat: Miami is going to have to start getting more creative just to fit more players onto the team with their payroll being as bloated as it is already. Getting salary off the books isn't going to help them at all. No deals here.

Milwaukee Bucks: Beno Udrih, Drew Gooden, and even Stephen Jackson (as unlikely as it is) have contracts that are sorta, kinda toxic and probably bad enough to through in a couple of draft picks. I would prefer Udrih out of the three, who is a stabilizing player at the point. Maybe something like Udrih, Larry Sanders, and a 2nd round pick for Boris and Cory Higgins. Well, nevermind, I'd really rather just let Boris expire.

Minnesota Timberwolves: I don't really see a deal to be made here considering the plethora of talented, and young, big men on the roster already which includes Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, and Anthony Randolph. That's not even mentioning role players like Darko Milicic, Brad Miller, Nikola Pekovic, and Anthony Tolliver. No deals to be made with Minny here unless we're going all out. Something like Boris and Gerald Henderson for Darko, Wes Johnson, and a draft pick. Are you interested? I actually kinda am.

New Jersey Nets: There is pretty much no deal that can be made that would end up with Boris in New Jersey, unless they are trying to clear cap to make a run at Howard. Could become interesting.

New Orleans: There are some deals that could be made with New Orleans, though I doubt their new ownership committee would be in place by time the trade deadline passes. We would take Trevor Ariza off of their hands for a draft pick (which they sure aren't about to give up with the NBA owning them) or we could make a lateral move and peddle off a young player with potential like Henderson along with Boris for Chris Kaman, but I don't think that would be smart. Not many potential deals to be made with our former team. I don't see anything happening here.

New York Knicks: There are no deals that can be made with the Knicks.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Only if the Thunder had another D.J. White we could trade for, similar to the deal that we exchanged Nazr Mohammed for. Unfortunately, after stealing him and Byron Mullens away, I think they are running out of young players they can give away, though I'm sure the brilliant Sam Presti will be able to find more eventually. That guy is a wizard.

Orlando Magic: Could Diaw be the missing piece that kept Dwight Howard in Orlando? Lmao. Absolutely not, not in the way you probably guessed at least. However, Diaw's expiring contract could absolutely help Orlando surround Howard with more talented players in free agency while keeping the team somewhat competitive in the short term. Although is not worth nearly enough to help the Magic escape salary cap hell, we could help them get out of a couple of their bad contracts (Hidayet Turkoglu, Chris Duhon possibly) in exchanged for a couple first round picks down the road. That, along with the team shedding salary of better players (J.J. Reddick, Jameer Nelson, Glen Davis, Jason Richardson) could put them in position to sign Steve Nash or Deron Williams through free agency and keep Howard in Orlando. The only thing is, would any of their draft picks at their spots be worthy of taking on Hedo's contract? Highly doubtful.

Philadelphia 76ers: I'm not seeing a reason why Philly would want Boris or much they would reasonably offer us outside of a draft pick (but no cap room to take on Boris). Nothing to see here folks.

Phoenix Suns: Hakim Warrick, Jared Dudley, Channing Frye, Marcin Gortat, and Josh Childress.....The Suns have several players who could potentially be viewed as possessing troublesome contracts (Gortat and Dudley on a far less extent) that could be swapped. If you rememeber, the Suns traded Kurt Thomas to the Thunder along with draft picks just to get his salary off the books. I'm sure Cho was paying attention. I'm not sure the Suns are in the same state of mind, but they do have a history of making such moves. I wouldn't mind taking on Childress if they are in the same mindframe. Something like Childress and Sebastian Telfair or Shannon Brown along with draft considerations for Boris? I know it seems like a lopsided trade that makes absolutely no sense at all, but they have done things like this before. Plus, they have a history with Boris out in Arizona.

Portland Trailblazers: The Blazers are on the verge of a rebuilding phase and don't really have any troublesome, long term contracts on the books so I don't see the potential of a deal happening here.

Sacramento Kings: I see the potential here for a John Salmons for Boris Diaw swap, but the Kings would have to surrender a high draft pick for us to do it. They are one of those weird teams full of young talent but doesn't seem to really be progressing (God, I hope we don't end up like that). And with them being caught up in that cycle, they may be open to acquiring Boris. The only problem is that the benefit of Boris isn't really him being a veteran presence, it's cap space, which the Kings are good on right now. So, though the outline for a deal makes sense for us here, on the King's behalf, it really doesn't. No deal.

San Antonio Spurs: James Anderson has reportedly asked for a trade and Richard Jefferson is no longer the fit there that his contract says he should be. Diaw and D.J. Augustin for Anderson, .T.J. Ford, Jefferson, and a 1st round pick looks like a decent deal on paper, but the Spurs have never been the ones to make such trades.

Toronto Raptors: We could swap Boris for Amir Johnson and a couple of second round picks, but those aren't the type of deals I had in mind when creating this thread and the Raps are certainly not giving up one of their first round picks. No deal here.

Utah Jazz: Enes Kanter, Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson, Jeremy Evans, Derrick Favors, the Jazz already have more than enough big men on their roster and are pretty healthy financially going forward. No deals to be made here.

Washington Wizards: I'm glad our front office shut down the Diaw for Andray Blatche deal and insisted on it being Tyrus Thomas instead, a step I don't think Higgins or Jordan would've thought to take by themselves. Though I'm puzzled we haven't pulled the trigger on Thomas yet, giving away our cap space for a questionable player like Blatche would be a terrible move at this point. Outside of that, there aren't many moves to be made with the Wiz, unless you're just trying to trade players to trade them, in which case a deal involving Maggette and Boris could be made for Rashard Lewis, but what's the point?

We Buy Him Out

This is what I hope doesn't happen but it certainly could considering his trade value has taken even more of a hit withthin the next few days. The only thing is, does he deserve to be bought out? Which basically means giving him his money, just less to go play somwhere else. If I'm Jordan, the only buyout number I would be willing to accept from Boris is NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA. If you want to go play somewhere else, give up that money that you didn't earn on most nights and go continue your career elsewhere, out of sight and out of mind. There are a plethora of teams that I'm sure would love to have Boris on a minimum, prorated salary including former teams like the Hawks and Suns, New York with Mike D'antoni, Golden State who needs big men at all costs, and Toronto who has already made a player for Diaw before and I'm positive he's still a useful player in the league, but players seeking buyouts generally have to earn that right or accept nothing. Just my opinion, but with his lethargic play, I don't believe Boris has earned that.

We Let Him Expire

This is one thing that I don't support but which could end up happening if Boris isn't traded and still seeks a buyout without sacrificing any money. I hope it doesn't come to this, because in the end, I would feel petty seeing Boris sitting at the end of the bench every game when he knows he doesn't have a future here beyond this year, but it happens all the time. Remember the Stephon Marbury situation in New York? That was a lot more dramatic than this has the potential to be, but let's hope it doesn't end that way and the organization and Diaw can mutually agree to part ways in a respectful manner. With the way Gerald Wallace left Charlotte and him having that personal vendetta against the front office now, I don't think it's wise to be viewed as an organization that participates in such activities with players like Boris out of spite.

Either way, it's become abundantly clear that Boris' days in Charlotte will be coming to an end pretty soon. Thank you for all your "hard work", but DEUCES Mr. Segway! You're outta here.


"I don't care what Charlotte fans think of me. I still got them hoes! -BoJo"

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