Bobcats OH GOD THE BLOOD IT'S EVERYWHERE lose to Detroit 109-85

Mullens: "Hey mister, I brought some extra DERP in case you need some." Maxiell: "UNNNNHHHHHHH" Mullens: "You sure? I gots plenty to go around!" Maxiell: "AHHHHHHHH IN YO EYE" Mullens: "....fine more derp for me, loozuhhh"

Nearly every game I see feels like rock bottom.

And shoooo buddy, was that a rocky one.

The most positive thing I can gleam from it was: hooray, we're one game closer to the end of the season. Everything else was either meh or oh god why am I not watching hockey. Though the Bobcats kept it close early on, you just knew it would head south and fast. And it did. The Pistons frontcourt feasted, with Jason Maxiell dropping 10 points on Byron Mullens and the Bobcats in the first quarter alone. Greg Monroe had his way with everyone the Bobcats threw at him.

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It was an awful, awful game. Ugly basketball for much of the game from both teams. The Bobcats had trouble defensively inside and outside, neither able to outmuscle the Pistons in the paint nor hinder their backcourt's ability to penetrate. A fun time had by all, I assure you. Just look at my enthusiastic joy I tweeted:

Even Gana Diop made a surprise guest appearance! I was all like, "BRO! I didn't expect to see you here! How've ya been? Can I buy you a 7-Up? Do people drink that? Well, you're gettin' one! Saw on twitter that you got a pedicure. Watch out for dem corns and stuff. Anyway, good catching up with you, please don't take a contested baseline jump shot, thanks!"

And then he did it anyway. Can you believe that? Ugh. Someone's getting a $0.99 gift card to Sharper Image for their birthday.

D.J. Augustin and Kemba Walker each had their nice moments of passing and scoring and doing stuff that wasn't so nice. Frankly the only players I could find mostly decent games from were Derrick Brown and DJ White.

At this point in the season, it's just ... whatever. So, so, so much needs to change. The roster, the coaching (strategies or personnel, whichever), the whole gosh darn culture.

Tonight was a terrible, awful loss. It happens -- and at depressing rate for this team. But we move on, no? Is that not a major part of what sports are about? You make mistakes and you either move on and learn from them or you don't and continue to suffer. Or you succeed and you move on trying to improve further. It's a continuous process of managing problems and/or success. The ebb and flow happens. The ebb of this tide is the furthest into the sea that it's ever been in Charlotte, but sometime, eventually, the flow will have to return.

So here's to the future -- because you have to get better sometime, right?

The Curse Of Cardboard Gerald: 24 consecutive losses, -17.3 point differential

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