Armchair GM-Your Dream off season for the Bobcats

The season was terrible and it finally is over. May 30th is the day every lottery team has been waiting for especially us. I admit I have under valued our bright spots (Kemba, Hendo, Biz) out of frustration.We all have argued a lot based on our different opinions on what direction we want this team to go in. Myself personally would want a fire sale for EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER IF WE GET DAVIS and start over. Most of you would rather keep our bright spots to go along with Davis and that is understandable but someone shouldn't get ripped for having a different opinion. Below is my dream off season if we get Davis.YES I KNOW THAT IT WILL TAKE THE DRAFT POSITIONS FOR THE THE TOP 5 NOT CHANGING FOR ONE OF MY IDEAS

My dream off season

1st- Pray for the ping pong balls to give us #1 and we draft Anthony Davis.

2nd- I know everyone is going to rip me for this and I really don't care because I'm entitled to my opinion.

Trade Kemba to NO for the 10th pick. He was the 9th selection last year but if Barnes, Sullinger, Jones III, or Terrance Jones would have entered he would have been 13th.

3rd- Another block buster with the Kings -

Bobcats get the 5th pick 76ers get the 10th.Kings get the shotblocking big next to Cousins and the massive upgrade at sf that they need.Philly seriously took in consideration Iggy for Martell Webster and Memphis 1st(20th I think) last year so I'm sure the 10th and a lot of money saved will do it.

With the 5th we take Drummond. Biz and him are both raw but if Biz lives up to his potential he is Ben Wallace but if Drummond lives up to his potential he is and Amare/Dwight mix.

4th- Trade Henderson to the Magic for #19 and Duhon. They need talent around Dwight or more trade pieces to convince him to stay.

5th-Trade $1 million cash and 31st to Memphis for #25. Memphis are not paying the tax but they have to if they want to keep their core. A million should take care of their tax and a non guaranteed contract would really intrigue them.

6th-Trade #19 and #25 or Portland 1st to Houston for #14 and select Austin Rivers. We should keep Rivers on the bench for a few years and develop him into a pg. He would be our cash cow too.

7th- Hire Patrick Ewing

8th-resign Augustin to 4 years/$29 million with team option for last year resign Derrick Brown to 3 years/6 million

9th Sign Beasley to a 4 year/$33 million deal

We may win 20 games next year considering we would have new players and a thin pf and raw c and Caroll starting at the 2.I think a Nash-less Suns team will have the worst record and Nerlins Noel commitment to UK sealed his consensus #1 spot that means if we don't get screwed Shabazz falls to us at #2.

We have 3 high risk high reward players(Beasley, Drummond,and Rivers) but their potential is massive. We also have 2 cash cows in Davis and Rivers. MJ has said he will pay for a winner and after the rookie deals come to an end I'm sure he will keep his word.

My 2012-2013 dream line up

pg DJ Augustin/Austin Rivers/Chris Duhon

sg Matt Caroll/Francisco Garcia/Tyler Honeycutt

sf Michael Beasley/Corey Maggette/Derrick Brown

pf Anthony Davis/Byron Mullerns/Tyrus Thomas

c Andre Drummond/Tyrus Thomas/Desagana Diop

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