Why Thomas Robinson will not be the choice

Many mock drafts have us picking Thomas Robinson and many of the fans would like to see that happen. I don't see that happening for basketball reasons. By drafting Robinson the Bobcats will have or eventually commit to starting a 6'9" center, 6'8" power forward, 6'5" shooting guard and 6'1" point guard. You can't win championships with that kind of size and right now that is what the team is building for from the ground up. I like Robinson, but Carl Landry, Brandon Bass and others can do the same thing and these things has to be considered through out the process. I think at 2 you have to find someone with special or unique traits or fit a specific team deficiency. For us it scoring, shooting and defending the paint.

The logic behind my thinking is based off of two things. First, at this point it looks like OKC and Miami are going to be the teams to beat the next five plus years. OKC is a dynasty in the making for sure. To beat these teams you better have mutiple scorers and shot blockers. Both teams have players that can score and attack the basket often. Second, this draft lottery has taught us that nothing is guaranteed and left a lot of people disappointed so you have to thoroughly go through the process and make the right choice for the team.

My Big Board

1. Andre Drummond, C ( Drummond and Biyombo could for a great athletic defensive tandem, but must be surrounded by scorers).

2. Harrison Barnes, SF ( Has all the tools to be an Allstar, thinks he gets a bad rap because of tournament. Can flat out shoot and score which will keep you in the NBA long time).

3. Austin Rivers, SG, PG ( Another underrated player! His game is NBA ready and has that rare killer, cold blooded mentality. Elite crossover, first step and above average jumpshot. Will get buckets and get to foul line in NBA. Also premiere coaching from dad and Coach K).

4. Perry Jones, SF, PF( Freakish athletic ability and skills, appears to be vey hungry).

5. Dion Waiters, SG ( Reminds me of D. Wade, combo guard that is physical and can score).

6. Arnette Moultrie, PF, C (Inside/Outside game. Explosive athlete, lead the SEC in rebounding).

7. Will Barton, SG ( Another player who can flat out score and good rebounder for a guard. Will improve once he get stronger).

8. Kyle O' Quinn, C ( Defensive center who is capable of playing with back to basket. Blew up in tourney).

I left out Gilchrist, Beal and Robinson not because they are not good players, but in my opinion they are not good fits for the team. Beal maybe, but not sure if he has the skill set to separate from NBA 2 guards. Think he has to be wide open to get his shot off and haven't seen him get to the basket like a 2 guard should in the NBA. Also gives us a small back court and mean trading Henderson. Can't honestly say Beal is better. I like Gilchrist but his jumpshot and this team does not fit. Gilchrist needs to be on a team with a great passing point guard. Yes he has the motor and good defense but lets be honest can he shut down Lebron, Durant or any elite offensive player in the NBA? NBA coaching will back off of him and clog the lane and make him a jump shooter.

Now all this is just my opinion and their college game translating to NBA as well team needs. If we are able to trade down say with Portland because I hear are high on Gilchrist that would give us 2 lottery picks. Now would you rather have just Gilchrist, Robinson or Beal or a combination of Drummond/Rivers/Waiters, Barnes/Rivers/Waiters, Drummond/Jones or other combination outside of Barton or Quinn who I think slips to second round. I'm kind of rooting for Drummond/Rivers or Barnes/Rivers and Defensive center in 2nd. We need points bad! 75pts a game is not going to cut it! On a side notw would u amnesty Tyrus and throw 16mil at Hibbert and see if Indy match? We got nothing to lose. Gonna be a long long time before u see a max player on this roster that hinders cap flexibility. What good is it, if no one wants to come here or we draft players who are good but not max players. My point is after this year we should always be good cap wise unless we give away unwarranted contracts. So a 16 mil comtract to get a godd player hear would not hurt the next 4yrs because the rest of the roster is filled with low contracts and Henderson will get a raise to 5 or 6 mil. In the past we haven't had a plan and long term thought process and I hope that has changed.

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